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“They” REALLY don’t want Black folks voting.

Urban League of Greater Atlanta Rally and March

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We should have all known that Georgia going blue for Joe Biden, Jon Ossoff, AND Rev. Raphael Warnock was going to come with shady shenanigans from Republican d-bags who want to further rig the game in an attempt to keep power. Yesterday, Governor Brian Kemp signed a draconian, 100-plus page omnibus bill that aims to severely hinder people’s (see: Black) ability to vote. As he was signing the bill, Rep. Park Cannon knocked on the door to his office as she wanted to witness KKKemp actively engaged in voter suppression. That’s when the s#!t hit the fan. We’ll get back to that in one second but first, let’s run a quick breakdown of what the new legislation means.

Republicans in the Georgia General Assembly passed SB 202 as a response to “The Big Lie” that 55% of white women’s president told about the 2020 election being stolen from him. The bill limits early voting when there is a runoff election like the one that sent both Ossoff and Warnock to Washington, D.C. as historic first-time Georgia Senators. Another provision of the bill is that it would make it a crime, C-R-I-M-E, for anyone other than official election workers to distribute food or beverage to people waiting in long lines to vote. Type bull$#!t is that?! In 2020, there were reports of people waiting in line for over EIGHT HOURS to cast their ballot. Additionally, the bill bans mobile voting booths that were used extensively in Georgia in 2020. There are a plethora of other hi-jinks that these conservative lawmakers drizzled into this bill and we suggest you read the entire thing on the AJC’s website.

Now, back to Rep. Cannon. According to the AJC, after being told she, a legislator who had every right to be there and to knock on Kemp’s door, would not be allowed to see the signing, Georgia State Troopers arrested her and literally dragged and carried her out of the building. We s#!t you not.

You see how bad they want us out of the electoral process. That’s obviously for a reason. Our votes threaten their ability to run this country in biased, bigoted, and racist ways. So, next time some moron tells you “voting doesn’t matter” you show them this.


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