Quavo & Saweetie's Elevator Scuffle Sends Twitter Spiraling Into The Abyss

Everybody Log Off: Quavo & Saweetie’s Elevator Altercation Sends Twitter Spiraling Into The Ashy Abyss

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By now, you’ve probably seen the elevator footage of Quavo and Saweetie’s physical altercation before their recent breakup that sent social media spiraling into chaos.

As of right now, we don’t know why the once swoon-worthy couple scuffled in the elevator but we do know their split came after Saweetie’s appearance on Justin Laboy’s Revolt TV show “Respectfully” where she gave eyebrow-raising answers to spicy questions while still boo’d up with Quavo.

Many suspect this is what lead to their split while also suggesting that her appearance on the show caused the alleged fight between the Migos member and Justin LaBoy at Atlanta’s Buckhead Saloon.

While the fight rumors haven’t been confirmed, it’s clear Quavo and Saweetie are over and focused on upcoming ventures and album releases in 2021.

According to TMZ, the relationship may have been shaky long before things spilled onto social media where fans debated over surveillance footage of the struggle, which went down at an apartment complex in North Hollywood.

Quavo and Saweetie can be seen standing outside an open elevator, and when the video starts Saweetie is swinging on Quavo.

Quavo dodges the hit, dropping an orange Call of Duty case that Saweetie tries to pick up. Quavo grabs it, and as they struggle for the case, he shoves her to the floor of the elevator.

As Saweetie lay on the ground–possibly injured–he stands there without helping her up, even staring down at her after noticing he’s been caught on camera.

The item Saweetie seemed to be trying to snatch from Quavo appears to be a Call Of Duty portable gaming unit that makes this saga even more curious.

Sources on both sides revealed to TMZ the video is from 2020 and not as recent as many have rushed to assume, though the two had seemingly put it behind them until it resurfaced online.

Do you think Quavo or Saweetie will address the video? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over the now infamous elevator altercation on the flip.

“quavo did nothing wrong” “saweetie hit him first” “it’s self defense” – ah mannn

“Solange rn wondering why she’s trending with Quavo and Saweetie:” – Solo was minding her business

“saweetie hit quavo first” – this pic… accurate

“*defends quavo*
*makes jokes of the recording*
*blames saweetie*
BLOCKED” – understandable

“quavo is not wrong, saweetie hit him first” – the accuracy

“n*ggas tryna debate if what quavo did to saweetie was wrong but i jus wanna know what was in that orange bag” – you and everyone else

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“saweetie swung first” “quavo did nothing wrong y’all just hate men” – this pic tho

“This is quavo bag … saweetie ain’t playing call of duty” – hmmm

“The fact that Quavo and Saweetie were all y’all relationship goals last month and they were in a toxic a** relationship the whole time. Self love needs to be ya’ll relationship goal moving forward” – welppp

“Y’all…My friend just called me and said she broke up with her boyfriend cus he was on Facebook laughing at that Saweetie and Quavo video.

She said “that’s a big red flag to me”
I told her I love her for that” – we love that for her

“saweetie didn’t even air quavo out like she should have and he had the audacity to say that she isn’t the woman he thought she was. abusers hate when you don’t suffer in silence” – SMH


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