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Me and Pastor was gonna have to have an exchange of words and it wasn’t gonna be holy!

MAFS Unmatchables

Source: LaJoy Photography / LaJoy Cox

Turn on your TVs! Some blind dates, #MAFS experts, and awkward AF situations are coming to Lifetime.

Lifetime is expanding its Married At Fist Sight universe with the new spinoff series Married at First Sight: Unmatchables premiering TONIGHT Wednesday, April 21 at 10 pm ET/PT.

Immediately after watching Chris Williams’s latest round of obnoxious actions, you can watch #MAFS experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Viviana Coles polish up some potential MAFS-ers who need more guidance and advice.

MAFS Unmatchables

Source: LaJoy Photography / LaJoy Cox

Out of over 65,000 applicants, the lucky 16 Umatchables are ATL “diamonds in the rough” who weren’t quite marriage material yet but with a little polish they could make for 8 well-matched couples. They’ll undergo physical and personal transformations before being set up on a date to see if love is in the air and if they can ultimately get out of their own way on their romantic journeys.

First up is Xavius, a 26-year-old funeral director in training that prefers the company of dead people. Xavius is picky when it comes to not only the looks of the woman he dates but he’s equally picky about her smells. A perfume enthusiast, he desperately nose (all pun) he needs the experts to help him relax and smell the roses instead of smelling his dates. But will he ultimately loosen up?

We’ll see tonight when he meets Ashli, the daughter of a Pastor who hasn’t kissed a man in 11 years and hates the idea of being intimate.

More on Ashli soon…

BOSSIP recently chatted with Xavius about his MAFS: Unmatchables experience, his pickiness, and important lessons he learned from Pastor Cal and Dr. Viviana whether he liked them or not.


You’re only 26, why do you think you’re ready for marriage?

I think me, and the other two people; myself and I, we have that conversation all the time. I’m truly looking forward to just having my one person, having that one person to share and do life with, having somebody that is kind of your balance, that you can coexist with that you can talk to without any fear of being judged, and just being free. You know, it’s one thing to have conversations with yourself, but I think it’s better when there’s someone next to you to give you a different perspective. And you know, it also keeps you warm and like, winter was pretty rough.

What was dating like for you before Married At First Sight: Unmatchables. You seem like a suave guy. I feel like that wasn’t a hardship for you.

Oh, my God dating, it sucked! I was engaged, I had a failed engagement, the engagement lasted like three months. And then I had another relationship in which her family just was not accepting our relationship. So dating was pretty trash and you never get the opportunity to break up with me. Let me just put that out there, I always have to do the breaking up. Like I have to let you know that this is the end. But dating was hard, and I previously wasn’t the type of guy that just would see a woman in a grocery store and say, ‘Oh, you’re so beautiful, can I take you out?’ or ‘What’s your Instagram?’ I guess asking for Instagram is like the new asking for phone numbers but I’m old school.


Source: LaJoy Photography / Kinetic Content

What was some of the best advice that Pastor Cal gave you?

Oh man, Pastor Cal that is my dude. Let me just say Pastor Cal is very very fun and it’s very unexpected. So if you ever get the opportunity to meet him, don’t put a guard up because he’ll break it down. Pastor Cal really helped me to understand that it’s not about control. It’s about letting go and enjoying the moment enjoying the vibe enjoying the ride that you’re on and the experience and just really kind of letting your hair down. I don’t have a whole lot of hair but it’s about not being in full control. My thing is, I need to know what’s going on, what’s gonna happen, what’s the next move. I’m not really the type of guy that enjoys surprises so you’ll have to tune in to see what Pastor Cal taught me because I was upset with him for a little while. You’re just gonna have to tune in, me and Pastor was gonna have to have an exchange of words and it wasn’t gonna be holy!

One of the things that we learned about you on Unmatchables is that you’re a bit superficial about your type. Are you more open now when it comes to dating different types of people?

Unmatchables definitely taught me to see the bigger picture. One of the cool things that I can’t wait for you all to see is the way that Dr. Viviana really gets me to understand that there’s a bigger picture outside of just the physical portions. And so, whereas I still don’t believe I have a type, I just don’t like that connotation. I can see how there are some similarities in women that I’ve previously dated, or who I would deem myself attracted to. But it was definitely a major push out of my comfort zone. In just learning, the proper interactions and kind of what you’re looking for, in and shout out to the experts because I feel like they’ve really prepared me to just see beyond what I would normally find myself attracted to. Was it difficult? Yes. Just know I’m gonna have the biggest glass of wine tuning in.

Okay, so now, now that you have these new tools from Pastor Caland Dr. Viviana, how is your dating life now? I’m assuming it’s booming now.

I’m gonna tell it to you like a true Southern Gentleman. I would never kiss and tell.


What do you hope people learn about you on Married At First Sight: Unmatchables?

I hope people will see that even as a man we too have some things within us that kind of make us feel shy or that cause us to feel like we’re not adequate enough to really step to a woman. And sometimes we rush the conversation, we don’t really talk about the important things.

So I hope people will go into this show with their eyes open, with their hearts open, realizing that although the show is named Unmatchables, there are some things that maybe we all can relate to. There are some guys out there who have a hard time approaching a woman or maybe they’ve been stuck in a rut because this has been their type for so long. And little do they know, they just need to have a conversation with somebody else that they maybe would have never given a second look to really see the fulfillment and the joy that you could have with that person.


Source: LaJoy Photography / Kinetic Content

Want more Xavius? Tune in to Married at First Sight: Unmatchables airing tonight Wednesday, April 21 at 10 pm ET/PT on Lifetime.


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