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“Out of the millions of women here y’all picked the one that was just like…”

Married at First Sight Season 12 Cast

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Another day, another moment of egregious obnoxiousness from Chris Williams on Married At First Sight and BOSSIP’s got an exclusive first look.

As previously reported things are over (again) between Chris and Paige Banks because Chris just “can’t take” Paige’s “poor communication” and concluded that they don’t have a connection. With that in mind, the entrepreneur says he’s “out”, for real this time.

“If it’s not real now then it’s not gonna be real after,” said Chris before declaring that they were at a dead end AGAIN.

A pained Paige then was left to watch their wedding video alone on their one-month anniversary after trying to deal with a pregnant ex, a Mercedes Benz purchase for said pregnant ex, continued confessions of lack of attraction after sex, and overall master manipulation. 

Paige MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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Now on tonight’s episode, with Decision Day less than three weeks away, the Married At First Sight couples are meeting individually with Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal to probe the serious questions they still have about their marriage. For Paige and Chris however, that means that they’ll have their meetings with the MAFS experts separately considering that their marriage is over.

A usually patient Pastor Cal is seen almost packing up and leaving as Chris is late for their sitdown, but just in the nick of time, Chris shows up and apologizes for his tardiness.

Chris And Pastor Cal MAFS

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Pastor Cal tells Chris that his match with Paige one of his “most difficult” and the Pastor acknowledges that he thought the two had real potential. According to Chris however, while the potential might have been there “on paper”, in actuality the potential was lacking because of Paige’s “physical features” and her “face.”

Chris: “I feel like we do look good on paper for sure. But she’s not the type of woman if I was in a bar or I was at church that I would say, ‘Oh man let me go try to talk to [her]…

Pastor Cal: “Why not? Straight up.”

Chris: “I think it would have to be the physical features, like the face.”

Chris And Pastor Cal MAFS

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When Pastor Cal presses Chris to give him another reason besides physicality for him not being into his marriage, he struggles and instead puts blame on the experts for picking Paige to be his wife out of all the Black, white, and hispanic Queens in Atlanta.

Pastor Cal: “Besides physicality give me something about her that that really you just did not like.”

Chris: “It was a physicality…”

Pastor Cal: “It was just the physical?”

Chris: “Yeah, I wasn’t attracted to the face and I’m not being disrespectful here but there’s so many beautiful Black queens, white queens, hispanic queens here in the city of Atlanta and I just feel like it shouldn’t be hard to find somebody because I’m not that picky.

Pastor Cal: “Chris, you’re not that picky?!”

Chris: “Out of the millions of women here y’all picked the one that was just like…” [*makes weird f-boy noise*]

Pastor Cal: “No, no, no, I’m not gonna take that. No, that is not true.”

Chris also added…

“You guys [MAFS experts] are responsible it shouldn’t be that difficult to find somebody…”

but Pastor Cal shut him down and wisely pointed out that for someone serious about marriage, the attraction has to be more than physical and include shared values while letting that attraction grow.

“You never gave your marriage a chance to grow in love, you never gave your marriage a chance to become attracted to her,” said the Married At First Sight expert.


Lots of delusional things to unpack here, mainly that Chris thinks that physically he was done a disservice with Paige yet continued to sleep with her every day unprotected and previously said that he “grew attracted to her” and her spirit. Now he can’t keep up the farce and after already putting this woman through hell he’s embarrassing her again by harping on her looks. The nerve, the gall, the closed Subway shadiness of this man.

What do YOU think about Chris Williams’ latest bit of #MAFS messiness???

Chris MAFS Season 12 Episode 1

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A new episode of Married at First Sight (produced by Kinetic Content) airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.


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