Iyanla Vanzant Tries To Show Shyneka And Friends Where They're Going Wrong

“Iyanla, Fix My Life” Exclusive: Do Women Who Lack Self-Worth Set Themselves Up To Be Used? [VIDEO]

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Do women who lack self-worth set themselves up to be used?

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Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

Happy Friday! We’re just a day away from a brand new episode of “Iyanla, Fix My Life” and lucky for y’all, we’ve got an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure. In the clip, four female friends who are at the top of their game in their careers seek Iyanla’s help to figure out why their romantic relationships always seem to fail. Check out the clip below:

Wow. Do you think this is true?

Also, shout out to our ATL friends featured in this episode – Shyneka, Traci and Christal are all Bossip fam!!!

Here’s more about the episode:

Shyneka Richardson is a fierce and unstoppable force as a Radio and Media personality, but when it comes to her love life, she is ready to throw in the towel and retreat. After many a failed relationship, Shyneka, along with three of her hardworking, successful, female friends, are coming to Iyanla asking for help: hoping to find a way to keep their successes in business, but also enjoy healthy, romantic relationships. Although Shyneka, Traci, Christal, and Erin may all have a different story of how they got to where they are, one thing is perfectly clear: The men they are finding are simply not worthy. But before these ladies go about finding the loves of their lives, Iyanla first challenges them to look at how the roles they play in their professional worlds translate into their personal lives. While examining their own past experiences, it is revealed that Shyneka is battling a dark secret, Traci’s anger stems from not being protected as a child, and Erin and Christal both struggle with “mother wounds” that run deep into their self-conscious and their self-esteem as women. In turn, these four friends have made themselves alternate identities that they use to succeed in business, even though it hinders their abilities to be their true authentic selves. Through guidance, and the power of sisterhood, Iyanla helps these ladies to realize that the most important relationship they will ever have is the relationship they are having with themselves. As Iyanla teaches, “When your own light is dimly lit and barely glowing, it’s time to up the wattage.”

Tune in Saturday night at 9pm EST for this new episode of “Iyanla, Fix My Life”!



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