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She seems nice

Everyone’s still buzzing over Porsha’s scandalous shenanigans that started when she revealed her relationship with RHOA coworker Falynn’s estranged husband Simon Guobadia–a successful businessman worth a reported $40 million.

In a haze of what can only be described as delusion, Porsha claimed Simon’s divorce from Falynn was finalized which later was flagged as untrue.

She also claimed she’s only been seeing Simon for a month which also set off alarms and prompted Atlanta woman Jessica Harris to step forward with some receipts.

The self-described “real Jessica Rabbit” showed “proof” that she was just seeing Simon in April which overlaps with Porsha’s shaky timeline.

Bravo fan account @TakeYourZoloft stirred up loud chitter-chatter with pictures of a woman seemingly in Simon’s $330K Ferrari 812 Superfast with the businessman’s sweater by her lap.

Porsha later responded but quickly deleted it after seemingly realizing that the account wasn’t talking about her being in the Ferrari.

“Ha girl bye! Whose lap? But that’s a nice bag tho I’ll have to get me one. #ItWasntMe”

In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Jessica called the businessman a “fraud” and questioned his “love” for Porsha considering that she met him on March 30, 2021, and they traveled together last month.

She continued, saying they had so much fun that he came back to her house to spend more time getting to know each other.

“He stayed at my house for like two more hours, talking about his divorce. Just saying like, you know, like how depressed he was, he couldn’t sleep.”

According to Jessica, it was only up until a week or two ago that she and Simon Guobadia remained in contact. The Atlanta socialite said they not only hung out publicly, but he allegedly even gifted her money.

As for the love that Simon now claims to have with Porsha, Jessica believes he’s a “fraud.”

“How’d you find love while you were over here whipping me around in that Ferrari going 100 mph, and my f**king hair all over the place, got me looking crazy in these pictures.  How you do that?”

Whew, things just continue to get messier and messier in this slowly unraveling saga that we fear will end with tears and deleted Instagram posts.

How much longer do you think Porsha will be “madly in love” with Simon? Do you think they’ll last through May? Tell us down below and peep Jessica’s hottest pics on the flip.



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