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This guy is always into something messy.

Charlamagne Tha God Kevin Hunter

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Kevin Hunter‘s name isn’t exactly synonymous with dignity, honor, or respect, especially after dirty dogging Wendy Williams with a years-old mistress and a side baby. Further evidence of Hunter’s shady character comes via resurfaced audio that was published by Tasha K in 2020 where Kevin can be heard bragging loudly, proudly, and quite homophobically about spearheading a smear campaign against The Breakfast Club radio host, Charlamagne Tha God.

“I’ma keep it 1000 with you. Even when all that s**t went down with that girl Jessica (the alleged victim) Whatever Choke and them was doing, that was bulls**t. I put the gas on that s**t when I sent it to The Blast and all that s**t. That’s what got his a** off the HBO s**t. That’s what made him want to go after me really hard. I had this sloppy publicist at the time, Danny. He’s a sloppy f****t a** he went and leaked the whole s**.”

Peep the full audio below (fast forward to 6:30 to hear rant).


The clip has resurfaced after Hunter played messy Mario to Funk Flex’s liposuction Luigi this weekend on Hot 97. Hunter took to Instagram threatening to “reveal” some “explosive” information about the sexual assault allegations that Charlamagne was cleared of back in 2002. Flex took to the air Saturday night and played clips from the alleged victim’s mother and offered his opinion that he didn’t think Charlamagne was innocent. It’s well-documented that Flex is no friend of the man born Lenard Larry McKelvey and his opinion flies in the face of the facts that South Carolina detectives uncovered in their investigation almost 20 years ago. Bossip reported on the case back in 2018 after obtaining the official police report and DNA test paperwork that showed the results of the alleged victim’s rape kit that showed no traces of Charlamagne’s DNA. We highly suggest you read that article to get more clarity on this situation.

As far as Kevin Hunter is concerned, he is a self-admitted enemy of Charlamagne’s and clearly appears to be using the previous allegations as a way to exact some revenge against him. The way he talks about these allegations appears to be more about his own mission to destroy the radio host than caring about the alleged victim. This weekend, Hunter posted the following message on his Instagram story:

“All you WOMEN caping up for this DUDE and you know the facts of this victim being UNDERAGE etc will feel the wrath of GOD when EVERYTHING COMES to light…You make a MOCKERY of abused VICTIMS..This s**t is serious..MY SISTER WAS RAPED..and I have a DAUGHTER..when s**t really hit the fan DONT CHANGE UP..we watching.”

We’re not exactly sure where Kevin Hunter finds the moral high ground to be talking like this. Of course, it’s proper to stand up for victims of sexual assault crimes but this type of grandstanding reeks of disingenuousness when he’s posted up smiling with a woman in Tiny Harris who has been accused of the same things that he is attempting to lambast Charlamagne for…

We are unsure if it is “Oochie Wally” or “One Mic” but if Kevin is certainly singing a tired old tune.


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