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Dam, son

For months, lusty fans stuffed their soggy panties into cannons and fired them at “Snowfall” star Damson Idris who found himself getting bullied over a tweet until he eventually deactivated his account in the latest celebrity casualty on the toxic social media site.

In what appeared to be an innocent post, the 29-year-old thirst magnet tweeted, “Question. Ladies if a guy keeps texting you to meet up but you know you will NEVER want to why don’t you just tell him?”

He followed up the now-deleted tweet with another deleted tweet clarifying the question.

“Chill I don’t get curved lol. I just ask the questions men want to hear. Why be on Twitter if we can’t have stimulating conversations. But more importantly if I’m ever “corny” to you then your not my type anyway.”

Whyyy THIS question ruffled so many feathers, we may never know, but Damson was immediately stamped as “corny” by the very fans who leave squirt emojis in his Instagram comments.

At some point, celebs need to realize that it’s better to be seen and enjoyed from afar than heard which may explain why we haven’t heard Lori Harvey say things, out loud, in years.

It also may explain why her boo Michael B. Jordan minds his business, lifts his weights, and wears his slim-fit turtlenecks until it’s time to promote a new project.

But, in this case, we don’t think Damson was doing too much and later returned to the celeb-devouring app with a tweet proving he’s a good sport.

Do you think Damson had a point? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over his brief hiatus on the flip.

“Me when she’s on the timeline doesn’t answer the DM” – *cackles*

“Damn, Damson getting curved by the baddies too?” – so relatable

“Damson Idris after making women angry on Twitter” – haaaa

“Y’all got rid of Damson Idris, but Meek Mill is still here?” – *howls*

“Y’all think damson idris is corny??? He sure is…. lemme take him off your hands” – welppp

“My only take on this Damson Idris situation is that he was probably getting curved and wanted to know why women do that but twitter is the wrong place for that question cuz ppl have CTE” – not CTE!

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“Me, after seeing what y’all are mad at Damson Idris for:” – mannnnn cold world


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