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“We are not angry. We are human. Let me say it another way: We are not angry. We are human…”

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 13

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A Real Housewife of NY is back from a hiatus amid racial tensions on the show and claims that she’s “angry” and a “race-baiter.” [Insert eye roll here]

As previously reported Eboni K. Williams, the show’s first Black housewife, took a break on social media after a firey episode that concluded with Countess Luann demanding that Eboni leave her Hamptons home over an education debate and Karen-adjacent allegations that she’s an “angry woman.”

After shaking off the “white fragility” fracas and taking time away from social media to “protect her peace”, Eboni’s back on Instagram even amid another #RHONY star, Heather Thomson, agreeing with a fan who called her a “race-baiter” and said it was “sad to see.”

Shaking that off and after an alleged phone call between her and “Puff Daddy’s homegirl” Heather, Eboni’s announced her official social media return.

While wearing a wore a custom Dapper Dan pink and green Gucci jacket, the attorney noted that her break was “needed.”

She expounded on her “needed” hiatus via USA Today and shared that while the controversial episode was airing, she was completely immersed in the 100 year anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre when white supremacists killed 300 Black people and devastated “Black Wall Street.”

Eboni also decried the notion that she’s “angry” and reacted to being deprived of “any emotional conclusion beyond that.”


“I thought in that moment and, sitting in my hotel room in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the Tulsa race massacre centennial, I thought it again: I am not angry. I assure you, Luann. From the deepest place of my heart, know that I am not angry. I am human. And my reaction in that episode and the next is what I experience when you deprive me of any emotional conclusion beyond anger.


To presume me to be angry is to strip me of my humanity and to strip me of my ability to experience the full range of human emotion – including pain and frustration, all of which are uniquely different from anger.

We are not angry. We are human. Let me say it another way: We are not angry. We are human. And when you call us angry in lieu of considering the other emotions we might be experiencing at any given moment, you rob us of our very right to humanity. You take away our very essence as human beings, which we’re entitled to by birthright.”


She also reiterated that she’s a “disrupter” instead of someone deserving of that super lazy, super uneducated (Hey, Lu!) “angry Black woman” trope;

“My predisposition to disruption is singularly rooted in my unrelenting desire to seek and speak the truth. Disruption can feel uncomfortable, because it is. But in Tulsa, our tour guide – a wise indigenous artist and executive named Vanessa Adams-Harris – paused to tell us something I will never forget: Disruption is essential to life, and if we need further evidence of it, remember that the placenta must break for life to be formed.

I know that’s right!

You can read Eboni’s full USA Today piece HERE. 

She’ll also be back on televisions tonight when The Real Housewives of New York airs at 9/8 c on Bravo.


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