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If you watched last night’s Married To Medicine reunion, then you surely saw the tense moment when Dr. Scott acted bewildered by a castmate revealing that he and his wife filed for separation.

Scott And Contessa Married To Medicine

Source: Heidi Gutman / Bravo

As previously reported Scott’s wife Dr. Contessa let her good girlfriend Quad break the news that Contessa filed for separation from Scott after 16 years of marriage.

Quad And Contessa

Source: Heidi Gutman / Bravo

That clearly triggered Dr. Scott because he came onstage and confronted his wife over the big reveal.

“You shared something new with Quad that you didn’t share with me, we didn’t talk about that,” said Scott. “We’ve been going through stuff but with the divorce thing, did we say we was going through it, or did we say we were going to work through it?  I just don’t want this all the way left, I’m not trying to go as far as y’all went a couple years ago,” he added referring to Dr. Simone and her hubby.”

After initially acting shocked to hear the news, Scott told Andy Cohen that actually he wasn’t blindsided. Scott later said they filed “five or so” months ago.

Andy: “Scott it’s odd, you seem very blindsided by what’s going on…”

Scott: I’m just saying, I took this wrong. I came out prematurely…”

Contessa: “He’s saying shut up, he’s like shut up.

Scott: “It’s not shut up..”

Contessa went on to say that she “doesn’t want to keep living in Groundhog Day” noting; “You can’t just say anything to me and talk crazy to me and then expect me to still love you.”


Things got even tenser however when Dr. Heavenly Kimes asked Scott flat out; “Why there are SO many cheating rumors.”

“As far as I know there are none, tell me some and prove ’em and show the receipts,” said Scott. “I have no idea [why there are so many rumors].”

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Things then spiraled out of control as Scott continued to be grilled by the ladies and he stumbled through his responses. He apparently “didn’t know what a DM is” and that whole “daddy’s girlfriend” Siri situation was just a joke. He used Siri on his iPhone to “call his girlfriend” and Siri asked if he wanted to call “Tessa.”

“It’s been there forever, Layla [their daughter] just thought it was funny and she repeated it. Yeah, I just put it back on there because I had it on there before but I took it off.”


He also attempted to explain that bizarre life coach reveal and that didn’t go so well either.

“I made all that up,” said Scott while giving an extremely confusing explanation.

YIKES! What happened to “Kevin Johnson”, Scott????

While the reunion was airing fans accused Scott of “gaslighting” and outright LYING to his wife.

According to Dr. Contessa herself, however, there’s an explanation for her husband’s behavior.

Scott And Contessa Married To Medicine

Source: Heidi Gutman / Bravo

Hit the flip for that.

Contessa recently chatted with ESSENCE and said that Scott did not want their separation discussed on camera hence why he acted “blindsided” by the news.

Scott and Contessa Metcalfe Ambitions cast and crew celebrate show premiere

Source: Chris Mitchell and Datrick Davis for OWN / OWN

Everything came to a head during part one of the season eight reunion when it was revealed that Contessa had filed for separation. To some, it appeared that Scott had been blindsided by the news. Contessa says that Scott simply did not initially wish to speak about the separation at the reunion.

“He didn’t want to talk about it,” Contessa explains. “Scott is a don’t-want-talk-about-it kind of person. He’s sort of like, ‘We’ve handled that. Let’s not talk about that anymore.’ That’s how he operates.”

She also told ESSENCE that while their marriage is still in limbo, her therapist encouraged them to wait 6-months before proceeding with a permanent decision like divorce.

Contessa filed for separation from Scott in March.

“We filed the first set of paperwork in March. Well, I did,” says Contessa. “Things have kind of progressed a little bit. I am still in therapy and the therapist asked that we wait six months before we proceed with anything.”

The standstill, in part, explains why the Metcalfe’s appear to be moving as a unit despite the fact that they are legally separated. However, regardless of how things end up when the trial period concludes two months from now, Contessa says that they will always be a family and will conduct themselves accordingly.

“We always say, ‘We’re either going to have a happy marriage or a happy divorce and six months is not going to change that,’” says Contessa. “That’s the timeline that we’ve set for where we were going to go. We were in fast-forward motion.”

Contessa added that despite their issues, she doesn’t want their relationship to be contentious and said they’ll “forever be family.”


That’s a classy lady, right there.

Do YOU think Dr. Scott and Dr. Contessa can still make their relationship work?

You can read Contessa’s full chat with ESSENCE, HERE.

Part 3 of the “Married To Medicine” reunion airs Sunday, July 18 at a special time of 10:15/9:15c.

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