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Falynn Guobadia and Simon Guobadia

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A former Real Housewives of Atlanta “guest of the show” has stopped taking the high road and has turned to shade. Falynn Pina whose dropped her estranged husband Simon Guobadia’s last name was a guest on “Cocktails With Queens” Monday and she finally revealed her true feelings about Simon’s engagement to Porsha Williams.

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Prior to this explosive interview, Falynn took the high road in a previous tell-all and didn’t bash the new couple noting that she didn’t “blame Porsha” for her split.

Now however the gloves are clearly off and the socialite who’s not returning to #RHOA isn’t holding back.

On Monday Falynn told the “Cocktails With Queens” hosts that she was indeed blindsided by Porsha hooking up with her husband amidst their ongoing divorce. She also once again denied having an affair with her “new” boyfriend Jaylan Banks.

“Simon put out some narratives that I was cheating in my marriage with Jaylan but that’s a lie, I never cheated within my marriage,” said Falynn. “That never actually happened.”

She also noted that despite Simon getting with Porsha, Simon was “pissed” that she was “talking to” a celebrity.

“I get a phone call from my family members saying, ‘Omg Simon just called me and he’s pissed at you because he just heard that you’re dating a celebrity’, who shall remain nameless,” said Falynn. “I was talking to the celebrity but it wasn’t anything serious.


Interesting. Why would he be concerned about who Falynn was dating when he was already engaged to the housewife?

Later, Falynn told the hosts that she was especially shocked to hear that Simon put a ring on Porsha’s finger because he previously said she slept with his cousin in exchange for a pricey present; a Rolls Royce. People are pointing out that back in 2014 rumors swirled that Porsha’s $500K car was gifted to her by a billionaire oil tycoon. Those rumors were never confirmed.

“I do find it comical,” said Falynn. “Do I think it’s for show? Absolutely, 100%. As far as what he would say about her, that part is a little strange to me. He told me that she slept with his cousin for the Rolls Royce that she has. So I just don’t understand how is it that you file from divorce from me for a woman that you used to talk so much mess about for someone that slept with your family member. To me, I don’t get down with the crew. That’s not the person I thought he was married, that he was above all that.”

She also detailed that highly talked about pool meetup with Porsha and detailed multiple times that the two hung out outside of filming #RHOA.

“I had no idea that they knew each other and were talking like that outside of filming,” said Falynn. “The episode that everyone saw by the pool after we wrapped, her and the other ladies we went upstairs to my closet and ki’ki’d for about three hours. Porsha took some of my clothes home with her, another time I was out with Simon on a date and Porsha called me and said, ‘Girl I just saw you leave, where you guys headed?’ And I said we’re headed to our nightclub, Simon’s nightclub.”

Falynn then detailed Porsha and her bestie Shamea hanging out with her, Simon, and Jaylan Banks.

“I think she posted a photo of that [night], every here and there she would text once in a blue moon. I definitely had her around me outside of filming so I didn’t think anything like that was going to occur.”

M E S S Y!!!

What do YOU think about Falynn “telling her truth”—you can catch her full “Cocktails With Queens” interview below.



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