North Carolina car dealership calls Black customer Bon Quisha on Facebook

Ayo WTF?! North Carolina Car Dealership Insults Black Customer With Racist Facebook Post Calling Her “Bon Quisha”

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Guess when they said, “low APR” they meant Anglo-Saxon Protestant Racism…

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We said it last week and we’ll say it again here, racism is the most tempting fruit that white folks ever devoured. It’s almost like they can’t even help themselves. Even when they are trying to do something “positive” they just can’t leave out the bigotry. If white folks seasoned their food as much as they season their rhetoric with racist tropes they would have significantly improved culinary experiences but we digress.

According to a report in the DailyMail, a North Carolina car dealership egregiously insulted a customer who had literally just put money in their pockets. 21-year-old Trinity Bethune had just purchased a vehicle from Lumberton Honda in Lumberton, North Carolina. Much to her surprise, and more specifically her dismay, shortly after she made her purchase she was rudely insulted by a Facebook message from Lumberton Honda that read:

“Congratulations to Bon Quisha on her 2016 Toyota Camry.”

Bon who now? Excuse us?? Bon Quisha?!? Under the post, Trinity left the following clap back:

“I’m not sure if this is a “joke” or something, but my name is definitely Trinity Bethune. ‘m very offended by this post, it’s almost a racial slur,’ she continued. ‘If I’m not addressed by MY name, then please don’t address me at all.”

Trinity spoke to WTVD about her experience and how angry she was that a place of business would even attempt to “play” in this manner. Especially in this climate of racial reckoning.

“The name ‘Bon Quisha’ seems like a stereotype for someone, you know, for them to be like ghetto,” Bethune said. “It’s something people use towards Black people as a racial slur and as an offensive term.”

“I feel like my character was played with,” she said. “I mean, I think I carry myself in a very well manner.”

The owner of the dealership says that he apologized to Trinity and fired the employee responsible. However, that hasn’t done anything to quell her anger. Even after spending her hard-earned money, she hasn’t touched her new car since she saw their post.



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