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Da Brat and her fianceé Jesseca Dupart are bringing their love story to WeTV with their new show “Brat Loves Judy”.

Brat Loves Judy

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BOSSIP’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden caught up with the loved-up pair right before the show’s premiere last week, and learned all about what led them to let the public in on their private life and how they’ve changed each other for the better.

Check out our Q&A with Da Brat and Jesseca aka Judy below:

BOSSIP: You guys have previously described yourselves as private people — what encouraged you to do a show that lets the world in?

Da Brat: I’ve been private my whole life. I felt like as an artist back in the day it wasn’t safe to come out and tell people that you were into the same sex and I definitely was protecting all of my assets because, like I said, Ellen lost everything and it just wasn’t cool, so I decided to keep my life private because that was all I knew, but when I met Jesseca, Judy, I met someone who was living out loud, who was very happy and transparent about her life and career and it just encouraged me to not give a f*** about what people had to say about what I felt. Because I should be the most important person in my life. I should make myself happy before I made anyone else happy and that’s what she’s taught me.

Now I’m so happy. I’m free when it comes to being able to hold her hand or kiss her. I could care less about what anyone has to say. I love her and she loves me and it shows and you feel it and we’re just comfortable with each other and we communicate and it’s a great relationship. Everything is not always great but that’s life.

BOSSIP: What attracted you to each other most?

Da Brat: One day, a few years ago I was scrolling on Instagram, I think maybe it was 2017, and I saw this lady with this beautifull hair and she was talking about how you need to follow your dreams and so I started following her and listening to her speeches and they would uplift and motivate me and I would be looking for her to post something every day. Then I realized she had the Kaleidoscope hair brand. Some makeup artists told me about her and I realized I followed her already. They were like maybe you should do some promo for her. I did some promo for her and wanted to meet her. She was on a tour for Kaleidoscope hair products and the tour came to Atlanta, so I stopped by the venue where she was having the event so I got to meet her. It was so busy. It was like a rap concert. People were screaming her name and trying to get her autograph. It took her like 30 minutes to get to me. I was waiting at the front door for so long. She came over and we met and I told her lets link later so we could talk about some videos and hang out and she was like, ‘Okay,’ but I think she thought I wanted some booty or something. I really was just trying to be cool with her because I wanted her to know how much she inspired me. Once she came to the studio, she came looking all super duper cute and I was like, ‘Okay where is your crew?’ no entourage no nothing , just her and this little tight hot pink jogging suit.

Jesseca: It was not tight –— it was fitted, but it was not tight.

Da Brat: Well fitted to me is tight, because all of my clothes are not tight. From there she told me she was interested in me and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ And from that point on, I became a nervous wreck. We were at the studio– I was smoking a blunt, I dropped the blunt, I burned the couch, I was drooling by accident, I kept missing my mouth when I tried to drink my drink, I spilled my drink. I became shy. The reaction that my body and my mind had when she told me that was like something I had never felt before. From there as our friendship progressed I fell in love and so did she. Now I’m living out life with my forever.

Jesseca: I fell in love with how loving she is. On the outside she has a really really hard exterior but she is the most considerate, most thoughtful, most caring person that you will ever meet. We will be out somewhere and she will ask everybody, “Are you okay? Are you alright? Do you need anything?” and you wouldn’t expect that from somebody of her caliber, you would think probably that people cater to her. She is the opposite of that. I fell in love with the loving part of her.

Jesseca, when did you know it was time to move your operations to Atlanta full time?

Jesseca: I guess when I was traveling back and forth and I was like I don’t get to set my eyes on the things that happen, maybe we need to look here. We were kind of busting at the seams at the place in New Orleans, so it was already like you need to find someplace bigger and then it was like okay maybe you need to find something bigger in Atlanta

Da Brat: Since she was going back and forth to see me.

Jesseca: I think we closed November of last year so we started looking a few months before that, it might have been a year in to us dating. I packed up my sh** and moved here well before that. I think we were about six months in.

BOSSIP: Couples have a tendency to “upgrade” each other — how have you enhanced each other’s lives?

Da Brat: She has enhanced my glo up because she teaches me patience, she teaches me to think before I speak. She teaches me that people that we hire, or even family, that people make mistakes. I’m not used to giving second chances, because I feel like I’ve been in the industry, where if people mess up you’ve got to move on because the show must go on, so you don’t have time to nurture people and babysit people. But she teaches me the value of people and who they are, genuinely, even if they have flaws, because we all have flaws and nobody is perfect so that is one of the things that I love most about her.

Jesseca: She put all that gushy stuff on. What I learned from her is that I’m a person that turns the other cheek so many times that she’s kind of hardened me up some. I think I softened her and she hardened me.

When you guys don’t see eye to eye, who usually apologizes first?

Da Brat: That would be me. That would probably surprise a lot of people because you would think I tend to be the spoiled one, the spoiled brat, but I hate it if it’s not right between us. My life isn’t right, my day isn’t going to go right, nothing is going to go right. We have to be okay in order for me to proceed with my day. If something is wrong, we have to talk about it because it bothers me so bad that I’m like miserable inside. I have to talk about it. I don’t have pride when it comes to that. I have to fix things with my baby because she is my happiness.

BOSSIP: How do you celebrate your milestones? We’ve seen a peek on social media and it looks EXTRAVAGANT!

Da Brat: She is the queen of surprises, when you watch the show, you’ll see, she had been planning something for almost a year I don’t know how she got my people to keep it from me. She had everybody involved in the secret. People were not answering my calls and return my text messages and my emails and I’m like, ‘What the hell is wrong with them?’ But it’s because they didn’t want to lie to me. She’s great when it comes to milestones. The detail. I thought I was good with surprises, but I don’t have anything on her.

The thing about her is that she doesn’t try to spoil the surprise or be all private eye trying to investigate, I don’t have to worry about trying to duck and dodge and hide so much, whereas I am like, “What’s going on?” Asking my staff. Poor things. They have to lie to me. They don’t want to lie to me and lose their jobs. She is the Queen of surprises.

Jesseca: I’m just bad at celebrating my own milestones.

Da Brat: That’s what I’m here for.

A new episode of “Brat Loves Judy” airs on WeTV Thursday, August 12th at 9PM EST.

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