MONOGRAM is finally releasing its No. 1 and No. 3 in its popular hand-rolled loosies pre-roll.

Monogram Loosies No. 1

Source: monogram company / Monogram Company

In a few short months, Jay-Z’s flower company MONOGRAM has taken the cannabis space by storm, offering a premium flower that isn’t just trying to be what you smoke but also the lifestyle you live. It’s not just another cannabis company it’s a full-blown experience, lifestyle, and standard for those who live and die by luxury. We have standards in everything else we indulge in, why not with our cannabis as well?

MONOGRAM has morals that led to them fighting to change unfair drug laws all over the U.S., which they showcased in their latest campaign against unfair laws. They also provide content for when you’re relaxing that pairs cannabis with your favorite figures in hip-hop and pop culture, telling their favorite HIGH TALES. MONOGRAM even has your favorite artists sharing their ever-so-secret munchie recipes that you can cook up with just a few minutes of your time.

Now, MONOGRAM is keeping the brand promise going by rolling out their new loosies in strain No. 1 and No. 3 for the first time.

Individually wrapped, these luxe prerolls are designed to be taken anywhere, anytime. The brand’s No.01 strain is perfect for those looking to chill, focus, and confidently tackle obstacles in their path. For those seeking to unwind, MONOGRAM’S No.03 strain has relaxing effects that invite users to step back and smell the flowers.

MONOGRAM offers an array of different vibes within their strain collection, but there is something for everyone. We recommend trying No. 1 and No 3. and comparing for yourself. Once you indulge, it’ll be easy to know when you should use what strain depending on the day ahead.

When it comes to cannabis, MONOGRAM is the designer brand of flower with consistency that is unmatched and a product that delivers the intended experience each time and never sacrifices quality. MONOGRAM is a brand you can trust that’s giving back to the culture instead of running up revenue and ignoring the injustices like other brands. Y

ou can order the new loosies here and we also recommend keeping an eye on their stock $GRAMF which is worth having in your portfolio.




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