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When the goat talks you listen, simple as that!

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The eight-time Olympic gold medal winner, Usain Bolt has offered up some advice to fellow sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson telling her to tone down her trash talk and concentrate on her training.

Bolt explained to the New York Post that by bad-mouthing her rivals she would actually just make them more determined to beat her. Sha’Carri Richardson, who was booted out of the US Olympic team earlier this year after testing positive for cannabis was given a one-month ban, which meant she wasn’t able to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“I would tell Sha’Carri to train harder and to be focused and not say too much… If you talk that big talk you have to back it up. So just train hard and focus on that and try to come back, do it and then talk about it.”

Richardson returned to the track last month, for the 100m dash at the Nike Prefontaine Classics and did a lot of talking before the race took place. So much to the point that all the trash talk back fired once she came in last.

Bolt says his fellow Jamaican runners were less than impressed with Richardson’s attitude.

“Jamaicans were vexed because she was talking a lot of s**t before the actual race, it is just one of those things. Jamaicans don’t like when people talk s**t about us because we are a very proud people so if you talk about us we are gonna want you to back it up. It definitely gave those women the extra push [to win.]”

If it’s one thing Bolt is familiar with that’s winning and dealing with competitors who talk trash so we hope sis listens to the goat and instead of being offended actually taking his advice and putting it to use.

Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with hyping yourself up and talking yo ish however, make sure you can back it up and always remain humble because what The Lord gives, The Lord can also take away!



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