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One of the hottest songs this summer was “GYALIS” and the catchy track just got even better!

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Bronx native, Capella Grey, is way more than a one-hit-wonder and he’s making it be known. Growing up playing several instruments in church and using his skills to write and produce hits like “Love You Better”, he’s now stepping into the forefront as an artist.

On Friday, Capella Grey released the remix to “GYALIS” which features heavy hitters Chris Brown and Popcaan. The record now sits at 94.6+ million streams and has hit gold. BOSSIP chatted with the rising star about his journey towards success, breaking generational norms, and what’s next in store for him.— liz smith

Welcome to Atlanta! Firstly for those who don’t know, tell us the meaning behind your name and how you got it?

Capella! So an Italian girl put me on and it means residence of musical excellence, so say if we go into a cathedral, church or concert, in Italy they say “We’re going to the capella” so it just fit.

Okay, I love it! Speaking of the church we know your musical background started there and it’s no secret that you’re very talented. From playing several instruments to writing hit songs, producing, and even hitting the runway for New York Fashion Week…

Man, now that was different! I’m not no modeling, fashion a** guy but now getting into this world right here— this is fire!

Yeah, get used to it! Now is there a talent or hidden skill that your fans don’t know about yet?

I mean besides like painting and drawing—I do that a lot, and people don’t know about it. They gon’ see it though [because] I’m going to start doing my own cover art.

Let’s get into your single “Gyalis.” It’s only 1 minute and 45 seconds long and you described it as having “no hook, no verse, no bridge, just an R&B freestyle, selfie, vibes, and talent.” Did you know the record would take off like it did?

Nah, but I had a good feeling about it because when I finished it I said “I f*** with it!” I know it’s going to touch somebody and move somebody and that was it. There was no way for me to foresee how crazy it was going to get, like for all this but I knew it was going to move somebody.


For sure, always gotta bet on yourself! In the song and even now I hear your Jamaican roots and accent, can we expect that wave of music to come from your catalog in the future?

I don’t want people to misconstrue what I am as an artist, I’m not a dancehall artist. I’m just an artist that has the cheat code, I can bring that Jamaican background and Caribbean vibes and it’s good to have it. You can definitely expect some more of that because it’s the household that I grew up in. It comes out naturally in conversation.

Are your parents supportive? It took mine a minute to understand my industry and what I’m working towards. Were your parents on board with your dream and what you’re trying to accomplish?

Nah, you gotta understand [that in] a Jamaican household they say you gotta be a doctor, lawyer, somebody’s engineer or school teacher. But for them to see me behind the scenes writing and producing for so long it was like, ‘Okay cool, let’s take this construction course or something like that.’ I love the state that my family is in right now! They see [that] somebody can do this in real life and seeing it happening with their own eyes—now it’s no question. When somebody says they have a dream now it’s no back and forth, just go for it! I’m blessed that now I’m able to inspire.

Be sure to check out Capella Grey’s new single “GYALIS Remix” and be on the lookout for upcoming projects featuring Dj Mustard and Ty Dolla $ign.



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