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They throwin’ salad!

WELP, it happened: Candiace and Mia aggressively threw salad at each other during their latest confrontation that involved lettuce violence and yelling in a hilariously childish moment that summed up their ridiculous feud this season.

As previously reported, the spicy stars traded “low budget” shade after Candiace took offense to Mia gossiping with Candiace’s mother about Candy’s “house husband” Chris Bassett.

Mia asked if Chris was being paid to manage Candiace and dubbed Candiace’s “Drive Back” music video shoot “low budget.”

“Why is it appropriate to ask my mom a question like that? On a day that’s supposed to be joyful and positive?” asked Candiace.

“I wanted to be there, but I wanted to show up to something that wasn’t low budget…” said Mia.

“Your mama’s low budget — watch your mouth,” clapped back Candiace who was unaware that Mia’s mom is a recovering drug addict and Mia was raised in foster care.

Fast-forward to Sunday’s explosive episode where Candiace and Mia went at it during Dr. Wendy Osefo’s couples trip.

While at Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Mia doubled down on Candiace’s video being “low budget” and told Candy to “take it as constructive criticism” because “it’s business.”

Later, when Karen Huger and Ashley Darby arrived at the house, Mia called Candiace “mean” and Candiace reacted by telling Mia to “go to therapy” to address her “classism” issues.

Of course she wasn’t done and, once again, called Mia a “nightcrawler” [prostitute] before calling her husband Gordon her “pimp” while urging him to feed her lettuce that she tossed Mia’s way.

Candiace: “Feed her, she’s hungry!”

Mia: “You need to grow up!”

Candiace: “You started with me and you need to learn how to finish!”

Mia: “It was low-budget!”

Candiace: “Your mother’s low-budget, go cry about it in your room. F*** you, Mia!”

Mia: “F*** you!”


Whose side are you on? Tell us down below and peep the messiest reactions to Candiace and Mia’s salad-slinging shenanigans on the flip.

“Me as soon as Candiace would have said my momma was low budget” – understandable

“As soon as Candice would’ve started running her mouth” – *cackles*

“All of a sudden, she big and bad” – the North remembers

“The way Mia eyed that salad before throwing it!! Mia is me!! Eyes Always plottin!” gotta watch Mia

“Candace…. don’t forget what Monique did when you ran that mouth” – certainly appears like she forgot

“Monique somewhere like” – you know she is

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“Idk why Candiace insists on calling Mia’s mother low budget when her mother’s hair looks like this on national television …. Does this not scream LOW BUDGET??!??” – wowwwwwww

“once again mia ain’t wrong. this is giving very much low budget” – oh nooo

“Monique watching Candiace starting problems on #RHOP” – mmhmmm

“Candiace saying Mia needs to learn how to finish yet when Monique finished her she was crying, pressing charges and using sticky notes” – STICKY NOTES

“Me watching Candiace run that mouth. #RHOP” – she STILL hasn’t learned her lesson


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