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“Eventually, when you bark, the big dog is gonna bark back…”

Mia Thornton And Candiace Dillard

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

After a blowup on The Real Housewives of Potomac, two salad chucking housewives shaded each other once again. As previously reported things got nasty between Mia Thornton and Candiace Dillard during a trip to Maryland’s Eastern Shore when they traded insults and tossed lettuce leaves each other’s way. The ladies were of course feuding because Mia called Candiace’s music video shoot “low budget” and Candiace retorted that Mia’s mom, who unbeknownst to Candiace struggled with substance abuse, is “low budget.”

Arugula was tossed, a “nightcrawler” comment was made and Candiace dubbed Mia’s husband Gordon her “pimp” while urging him to feed her.

Candiace: “Feed her, she’s hungry!”

Mia: “You need to grow up!”

Candiace: “You started with me and you need to learn how to finish!”

Mia: “It was low-budget!”

Candiace: “Your mother’s low-budget, go cry about it in your room. F*** you, Mia!”

Mia: “F*** you!”


According to Mia, during the radicchio ruckus, Candiace was barking like a “chihuahua” and eventually the “big dog” barked back. As for Candiace however, she thinks Mia “woke up and chose chaos” with her in particular.

“I’m irritated but I’m still willing to converse about it and maybe put it to bed but Mia had other plans,” said Candiace on the #RHOP After Show. “She woke up and chose chaos that morning and wanted to have beef with me.”

“Candiace’s mouth—she’s like a little chihuahua and she still just won’t stop yapping,” said Mia. “She kept just barking and eventually when you bark, the big dog is gonna bark back.”

Candiace noted that she was particularly peeved by Mia making a “broke b***s” comment prior to their fight. The housewife said on the #RHOP After Show that it’s another example of Mia projecting her insecurities surrounding her “businesses” that she doesn’t actually own. Mia has been adamant that “everything is in her name.” 

“Every time you get into it with somebody we’re going back to somebody’s business, all this stuff about being a boss, how many businesses do you own, all of that was a projection because she doesn’t really feel like she’s a boss, she doesn’t really own that business, her name ain’t on none of that stuff and she’s not really secure in who she is,” said Candiace.

“So the fact that Mia has come into this space and is projecting this narrative of intimidation, b*** bye! Go back to the strip club, maybe they’ll empower you in there because we’re not doing that! I don’t have room to empower somebody that is steady putting out this idea that we all want to be you, we’re all intimidated by you onto us.

That’s all your stuff girl, that you need to go and resolve in therapy on somebody’s couch,” she added on the #RHOP After Show. “But you’re not gonna put that on me, and you’re not gonna disrespect me either especially when I have been in your corner and supported you and defended you against a lot of these girls in this group.”


Looks like the shade between these two is far from finished and fellow housewives are taking sides.

As previously reported Gizelle Bryant and Karen Huger agreed that Candiace took things too far with Mia.


Real Housewives Of Potomac Season 6

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

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