RHOP: Candiace Dillard Says There's A 'Double Standard'

#RHOP: Candiace Claims There’s A ‘Double Standard’ When It Comes To Her Shade, Points To THIS #MarriedToMedicine Clip

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Candiace Dillard isn’t exactly sorry that she issued a “ya mama” diss Mia Thornton’s way, because The Real Housewife of Potomac insists that there’s a double standard.

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

In an #RHOPReunion preview, Andy Cohen asks a viewer question to Candiace about the “ya mama is low budget” shade she issued to Mia whose mother struggled with substance abuse and was previously incarcerated.

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

The viewer wondered if Candiace was really unaware of Mia’s mother’s history and Candiace once again insisted that she had no idea. She also added that Mia should be “grateful” that she only “joned” her with the “ya mama” diss.

“I did not know. I did not,” said Candiace. “If I knew that she had the trauma that she has with her mother, I would not have said that. I would’ve talked about something else. What I will say is, that was– in the Black community, it’s referred to as ‘joning.’ I was going light on you and what happened was, you were ungrateful.”

Candiace’s comments made her fellow housewives including Gizelle Bryant cringe and Andy questioned Candiace about her sharp tongue.

Andy: “So if you say, ‘Your mom is low budget,’ she’s supposed to thank you?!”

Candiace: “What am I supposed to do when she insults me?”

Gizelle: “You saw that episode and you thought to yourself, ‘Wow. I was justified in all of this!’ I didn’t feel like your actions toward her were justifiable…”

Candiace: “What actions?!”

Gizelle: “Things coming out your mouth!”

Candiace: “If I want to respond verbally, hello, welcome to the stage! That’s what we do!”


#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

Andy then hops in and asks Candiace candidly, How’s that working for you? Honestly, How is the way that you respond to people working for you? You almost were physically attacked last year…” he adds hinting to the Cabernet Combat that took place in season 5 with Monique Samuels.

“So that’s my fault that I was physically attacked?!” asks Candiace.

“Well, you’re the common denominator…” responds Candiace who adds that “every housewife on stage” has said “nasty” and “disrespectful” things. “But because I am better at it, I am somehow crucified!”



Unfortunately for Andy, some Bravo watchers took great umbrage with him seemingly blaming Candiace for last year’s physical altercation and several agreed that Candiace’s disses actually arent’ that bad.


Candiace herself even retweeted a clip from “The Married To Medicine” season 4 reunion where Heavenly said “that’s your mother” to Mariah Huq,  a diss she used several times on the show.

“Candiace slander sells tickets,” tweeted the housewife.


Paging, Dr. Heavenly! #MarriedToMedicine’s shade-sending dentist has definitely been known to send “ya mama” shade, but viewers don’t think Andy was appalled by it.



This is FAR from the first time that Candiace has alleged that there’s a double standard when it comes to her. In fact, during a recent BOSSIP #RealityRecap, Candiace said [again] that people get pissed off when it comes to her shade because she’s “better at reading than them.”

Hit the flip for that.

Was Candiace’s “ya mama” diss that bad or is she held to a different standard? According to Candiace, it’s the latter.

Candiace Dillard

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

During BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap, Candiace responded to a BOSSIP viewer who wondered if Ashley Darby was “held accountable” for the “do you have Alzheimer’s” comment she made to Mia Thornton’s husband, G.

“No, it would be off-brand for anyone but Candiace to be held accountable for the things that she says, it’s all par for the course,” said Candiace on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap.  “Obviously there were a lot of people who were offended by Ashly’s ageist comment and in the moment I can’t even believe she said that. Her brand is to be very PC and be aware of what she says so she can then crucify me for not being aware of what I say. It was not brought up later, there was no outrage. The way the show works is–if Candiace says it. Let’s crucify her.”


She also once again said that colorism is afoot when it comes to her and fellow housewife Dr. Wendy Osefo.


#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

“The colorism conversation is one I’m often wary of having,” said Candiace during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I like to call it a kitchen table conversation because it can be misconstrued and misread in mixed company, but I think the reward is greater than the risk. There are double standards, there are buzz words and dog whistles used like “aggressive”, “doing too much” violent” or “angry” that are specifically used towards people who look like me or Wendy that are not used when someone who’s light behaves the same way; rolling their neck, doing all this with the finger, banging on tables—that’s never labeled aggressive.

“If I do it, if Wendy does it–it’s just different,” Candiace added during BOSSIP’s RealityRecap. “I am the villain, I am vile, I’m nasty, I need to be fired. I have not said or done anything worse than the rest of this cast. If you lined up everyone’s indiscretions everyone is pretty much on the same playing field.”


Watch Candiace on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap below.

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