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“I am the villain, I am vile, I’m nasty, I need to be fired. I have not said or done anything worse than the rest of this cast. If you lined up everyone’s indiscretions everyone is pretty much on the same playing field…”

The Real Housewives Of Potomac

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Bravo “villain” Candiace Dillard doesn’t care if you think her claims of colorism on The Real Housewives Of Potomac are far-fetched, she’s standing by them.

As previously reported during the season 5 #RHOPReunion Candiace agreed with Dr. Wendy that she’s been unfairly dubbed “aggressive” because of her skin tone…

and earlier this year, she responded to a Bravo watcher who claimed that despite housewife Ashley Darby being “worse” and having a “reckless mouth”, Candiace is constantly “ganged up on” by fans.

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

Candiace stated very matter of factly that it’s because Ashley gets a “light skin privilege pass”, and expounded on that noting that colorism is a problem not just on RHOP, but in the “global community. And although people including #RHOP’s Green-Eyed Bandits Robyn and Gizelle disagreed and called Candiace’s claims “stupid”, the “Deep Space” songstress is standing firm.

During Bravo’s “RHOP After-Show” Candiace lamented about double standards concerning her arugula altercation with Mia Thornton and hinted again that colorism played a part in reactions to her “ya mama’s low budget” diss.

“I get upset because I feel like once again standards are different and we can talk about why if you would like, but the standards are different for me and those who look like me in this group because I respond better than you,” said Candiace. “I’m not sorry I responded the way I did, because Mia wanted a smoke, and she just wasn’t prepared to get my brand of it.”

And during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap, Candiace doubled down and noted that colorism is indeed afoot—and it will be addressed [again] during the #RHOPReunion.

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

According to Candiace, there’s selective outrage for what she says in part because she “reads better” than other housewives who should “get in the library”, but also, because of colorism.

The housewife whose been part of the franchise since season three, noted her excitement to have women like Dr. Wendy Osefo and Askale Davis on board to showcase different hues of ‘wives.


“We also get into this at the reunion and it’s an interesting conversation,” said Candiace during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I have been begging our show to cast, to find more brown skin women since I joined the cast. I have friends who are beautiful shades of brown like me that I was hopeful that we could bring into the fold. We were finally able to get Dr. Wendy Osefo who represents for dark-skinned women very well, she represents for women from Nigerian culture very well and I’m excited to have Askale simply because we have to be cognizant of telling the story and narratives of black women accurately and that includes the hues we come in,” she added during #BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap.

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

#RHOP Reunion

Source: Greg Endries / Bravo

She then dug into the colorism and accurately noted that there are stereotypes and tropes attached to women who are darker-skinned. With that in mind, she thinks the words used to describe her on #RHOP fall right in line with that bias.


“The colorism conversation is one I’m often wary of having,” said Candiace during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I like to call it a kitchen table conversation because it can be misconstrued and misread in mixed company, but I think the reward is greater than the risk. There are double standards, there are buzz words and dog whistles used like “aggressive”, “doing too much” violent” or “angry” that are specifically used towards people who look like me or Wendy that are not used when someone who’s light behaves the same way; rolling their neck, doing all this with the finger, banging on tables—that’s never labeled aggressive.

“If I do it, if Wendy does it–it’s just different,” Candiace added during BOSSIP’s RealityRecap. “I am the villain, I am vile, I’m nasty, I need to be fired. I have not said or done anything worse than the rest of this cast. If you lined up everyone’s indiscretions everyone is pretty much on the same playing field.”

Do you agree with Candiace that the rules are different for her in part because of her skin tone? Some #RHOP fans agree while others just think Candiace’s shade takes things a step “too far.”


In addition to speaking on colorism, Candiace also teased tonight’s #RHOP finale that will show her husband Chris Bassett get into another argument with Ashley Darby’s husband Michael Darby.

The Real Housewives of Potomac - Season 6

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Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - Season 18

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Hit the flip for Candiace’s thoughts on that.

While the two #RHOP husbands were having their squabble, Candiace was seen storming off and calling it the “whitest privilege she’s ever seen.”

According to the housewife, that’s a comment her hubby is used to hearing and Chris was upset that she was interrupting his kumbaya moment with Michael.

“Chris is very aware of his whiteness, aware of his privilege, his family is very aware of their whiteness and they move accordingly,” said Candiace during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “And Chris will tell you sometimes himself, ‘Man these white people are trippin!” It’s not an issue for me to say that, it’s not uncomfortable for my white husband and I to talk about race.”

“When I said that, he was more upset that I was interrupting his conversation with Michael because he was trying to make amends and extend an olive branch,” she added. “Don’t ask me why, he’s too good of a person.”

Candiace also noted, however, that she has no regrets about her interruption.

“He was trying to extend grace to Michael and I was getting in the way of that,” added Candiace during BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I would get away again though because I don’t like disrespect, I don’t like entitled white people who like to be disrespectful and I didn’t like the way Michael was talking to Chris.”

WELP! She said what she said!


Tune into the #RHOP finale tonight at 8/7c on Bravo.


Watch Candiace on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap below.


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