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The moment “Married At First Sight” fans were waiting for all season finally happened, and tears were shed. During #MAFS’ Decision Day, each couple sat down in front of the experts and shared whether or not they wanted to remain married or get divorced.

First up were Myrla and Gil who had some hangups going into their final decision.


Michaela and Zack

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As previously reported Gil’s continuously been frustrated with his “money-minded” wife’s spending habits and at times “bratty behavior.”

Those issues came up again on Decision Day when the firefighter told experts Pastor Cal, Dr. Viviana, and Dr. Pepper that his wife, who consummated the marriage with him two weeks ago, “aspires to be a millionaire” while he’d be perfectly fine only having hundreds of thousands in the bank.

“The biggest difference between us when it comes down to finances is, she’s money-driven and I’m not,” said Gil. “I’m more driven about passion, about what I like to do. So if I like to do it, I’ll continue doing it, and I’m not really concerned about how much it pays.”

Myrla also chimed in and told the experts that she thinks “they were wrong” to match her with Gil because of their financial differences despite their hopes that they would bond over “love, happiness, family values, and shared life.”

Despite that, however, the two agreed to stay married.

Married At First Sight: Decision Day

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Myrla first said that she’d like to “continue to grow in love” with her hubby and Gil confessed that he was in love with her.

The happy ending for Myrla and Gil made #MAFS fans melt into heart-eye goo.





As for Zack and Michaela, however, things got confusing when one of them gave a befuddling response to the experts.

Hit the flip for that.

Hurricane K might not have touched down on Decision Day but the effects of her category 4 outbursts and her husband’s flip-flopping were still felt.

Michaela and Zack

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On Decision Day viewers saw Zack and Michaela dish to the experts about their at times tumultuous marriage that included admitted abandonment issues and explosive blowups.


Despite that, however, Michaela said she “still wanted to be with Zack” who burst into tears while reading a letter filled with positive things to say about his wife.

“I was so happy to have an opportunity to meet someone like her,” said Zack while noting that outside of his mom, Michaela is the “most amazing woman he knows.”


Still, even though he wrote a heartfelt letter, Zack stuck to his previous decision to divorce Michaela while wanting to “see where it goes” after the cameras stop rolling.

“I want to get a divorce but it’s not a bad thing,” said Zack. “When I say I want to get a divorce, I want to divorce from the last eight weeks we experienced. I’m not rejecting you,” he added. “I’m not going to change my actions towards you. I still want to see where this goes. None of that is changing but I have to say I want a divorce.”



Michaela however put the nail in the coffin and said that their marriage is done despite Zack wanting to look like a “good guy” on Decision Day as noted by Pastor Cal.

“I hear that when we get up and walk out of here, you’re a man who wants a divorce from his wife,” she said. “And I’m a woman who wanted to continue to fight for her marriage.”

Married At First Sight: Decision Day

Source: Kinetic Content / lifetime


Are YOU surprised that Michaela and Zack are done? We’d be lying if we said we were…

The two will come face to face when “Married At First Sight’s” reunion special airs.

What do YOU think Zack will have to say for himself?

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