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Some fans think that despite a “Married At First Sight” couple’s tremendous progress, things could go left on Decision Day.

As previously reported firefighter Gil, 35, and leadership coach Myrla, 34, married as strangers but bonded over their Hispanic heritage and unfortunately, the tragic murders of their fathers.



All seemed well but on their honeymoon, Gil realized that his”Princesa” Myrla was “bougie” and constantly complained about their accommodations. They later had an open discussion about finances and deduced that Myrla makes significantly more and is admittedly “money-driven.” That however didn’t seem like that much of a hindrance for the two although Gil said he’s putting a stop to Myrla’s shopping habits.

Throughout their marriage, Gil’s dropped words like “spoiled” and brat” his wife’s way because of her whining, but after some PDA and FINALLY some smooching, Myrla’s softened.

#MAFS viewers noticed a huge shift in Myrla’s behavior and applauded her for taking accountability and “receiving” her hubby’s criticism. Viewers also especially applauded her for announcing that she’s “chosen to love” her handsome husband and gushed over the wife bursting into happy tears over their bond.

Still, despite those positives, on Wednesday’s episode of #MAFS, viewers saw Gil once again bring up finances and tell his wife that he disagrees with her at times “bratty” behavior.

While noting that it’d be easy to say no to a “fabulous woman” like Myrla because “beauty fades”, Gil ticked off some of his hangups.

“The finance stuff is a big deal for me, the negativity at times is a big thing for me,” said Gil. “Sometimes I feel like you s*** on people who are not where you’re at. […] You think you made out of gold? That word that comes after spoiled is brat, and sometimes that’s how you act.”

“I definitely don’t want to be married to a brat, Gil added in a confessional. I don’t want her to be spoiled, I don’t want her to expect it all times, the finer things in life that she loves, I really don’t care about that.”


Later during a FaceTime convo with his mom, Gil dished on his “high-class” wife and said that Myrla’s from a family where her father paid all the bills. According to Gil, that’s out of the question for himself and his wife who makes nearly twice as much as him.


“I can pay the bills, I can pay everything but there’s nothing left afterward. I’m going to pay for everything? No. For me, it’s not that I can’t, it’s just not fair.”



The money convo has some viewers convinced that “insecure” Gil will pull the plug on their marriage on Decision Day.

Some #MAFS fans are actually hoping that Myrla files for divorce from Gil because of how negative he is about her hard-earned money.

Despite Gil’s hangups, he and Myrla seemed to be in a good place ahead of Decision Day and had some sweet pillow talk the night before.

What do YOU think??? Will Gil say “no” on Decision Day or do we have another #MAFS success story on our hands?




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