Funniest (And Messiest) "Selling Tampa" Tweets (So Far)

Netflix & Mess: Funniest (And Messiest) “Selling Tampa” Tweets (So Far)

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Netflix & messss

Everyone’s buzzing over addictive Netflix series “Selling Tampa” which follows glamorous boss baddies thriving in the booming Real Estate industry.

At the forefront of all-Black, all-female firm Allure Realty is military vet-turned-real estate maven Sharelle Rosado–the boss lady and CEO–who leads a staff of home-selling stunners on the buzziest new reality series streaming.

“We had producers reaching out to us before,” said Rosado in our recent interview. “Everybody knows I’m good sliding in DM’s. I did my research on producers and I was like ‘if I’m going to do a reality tv show that revolves around the brokerage, I want the best of the best, so I added Adam on Instagram and liked his pictures and added him on Facebook.

Then a day later he had Skylar reach out to me and was like ‘Have you guys considered doing a reality tv show?’ I was like ‘We have a few people talking to us.’ He was like, ‘Have you signed anything?’ I told him ‘No, but we did interviews and they love what they see.’ And the next day he sent paper work from his lawyers. I waited two days because I didn’t want to look too desperate but I was like , ‘Holy sh** ladies, they want us!”

As viewers have discovered (and joke about non-stop), Alexis Williams is a bit of an underdog on the series. From the very first episode, she’s singled out for not achieving high sales numbers and Sharelle pairs her with Tenille to try and boost her position.

Naturally, we asked if she would have done anything differently during production.

“Of course there were things I wish I could have done differently, but for myself, not because there were cameras on me,” said Alexis.

“Everything happens the way it is supposed to, and it gives me an opportunity to recognize I need to get out there and I need to hustle and I need to network network and those are the things that I need to do to get to where I need to be and once I do that the future is pretty open from there.”

Who’s your fave on “Selling Tampa?” Tell us down below and peep the funniest (and messiest) tweets from “Selling Tampa” (so far) on the flip.

“Me getting my broker and real estate licenses after watching an episode of selling Tampa” – understandable

“The buyer while Alexis is trying to sell him a home #SellingTampa” – that’s not nice!

““This house sells itself” – a b*tch that ain’t sold a house yet” – yiiikes

“Alexis: “the house sells itself”
The house:” – *cackles*

“Sharelle: You always want everything I want!

Tennille: No, I don’t. I don’t want Chad” – *faints*

“We don’t have an HR department, but Juwana is always in everyone’s business, so I just named her HR” – bruhhh

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“Tennille really said “I don’t know if Alexis can deliver a buyer for a dogs house” 😭😭😭😭 I’m in tears” – oh nooo

“Tenille after she got done entertaining Anne’s client” – this clip tho

“Alexis it’s okay to be a NFL wife this isn’t your calling” – whewww


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