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Stealing from your job is already not smart but this is stupid as hell!

Home Depot Earnings Beat Estimates In Third Quarter

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Scamming is at an all-time high. People are looking to get to the bag however they have to. We’ve seen people sell fake books, lie about their credentials, apply for phony PPP loans, and all sorts of seedy shenanigans. None of these scammers were as smart as they believed themselves to be. However, it can be argued that none of them were quite this moronic.

According to a DailyMail report, a Tempe, Arizona Home Depot employee named Adrian Jean Pineda has been arrested and is now facing 20 years behind bars after embezzling almost $400,000 from the hardware franchise. Whoever hired Pineda was clearly duped into believing that he was a forthright and honorable individual because Pineda was hired to be a “vault associate” and that job title clearly came with some sticky-fingered perks. Over the course of four years, beginning in 2018, Pineda helped himself to $387,500 that he simply took and replaced with movie prop money that be purchased on Amazon. Pineda got caught like most people who do these types of crimes get caught, greed. The stealing was first noticed when the fugazi bills began popping up in the bank deposits. When those reported losses turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars, Home Depot decide that they had enough.

A phone call to the United States Secret Service was made and within two months, Pineda was wearing stainless steel bracelets and being read his Miranda rights.

During the arrest, agents seized $5,000 in the counterfeit cash and recovered $5,300 in real money, according to the news release Friday, with agents recovering an additional $22,000 in genuine currency while conducting a search warrant on Pineda’s home.

Part of the reason that this was such a dumb scam is that the fake bills are clearly and boldly marked “MOVIE PROP USES ONLY”. What the hell did this guy think was going to happen?? Smh.



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