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Kendra G

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An HBCU grad is dishing on bringing her expertise, her bubbly personality, and her highly-popular social media series to an ALLBK show.

Kendra G is speaking on her ongoing time as co-host of Social Society season 2. The WGCI Morning Show radio personality is continuing to offer hilarity and transparency on the show that stars not only her, but social media superstar/host  Kendall Kyndall (Games People Play, Angela Simmons (Growing Up Hip Hop), and Reginae Carter (Pride & Prejudice: Atlanta.)

With two decades of experience in entertainment journalism, this media savant has already made her mark on the program with her inquisitive questions including one to YouTuber Tasha K that went viral and even elicited a response from Cardi B.

While Kendra and her fellow co-hosts continue to bring on your favorite celebrities, influencers, and Black culture experts for epic discussions on lifestyle, love, politics, and everything in between, this pop culture commentator chatted with BOSSIP about her highly popular “Singles On Instagram” live series, her transition to television and how her HBCU education perfectly prepared her for her career.

What has it been like filming Social Society on ALLBLK?

For me, it’s just like a dream come true. I come from a background in radio and journalism and it’s always been my goal to transition to television. So obviously Kendall hosted the first season and I thought we would always be great together because my name is Kendra and he’s Kendall, and I feel like we’re kindred spirits. But I love the addition with the other two ladies, they were a pleasant surprise when I got the list of all of us that were going to be a part of season two with Angela and Reginae. So to me, it’s just fun, awesome, it’s amazing. I’m so happy!

Kendra G

Source: Social Society / ALLBLK

What is the biggest difference between television and radio?

With television, I feel like you have to be a little bit more careful with your words. I feel like there are things I could say on radio that you can’t always say on TV, so it’s trying to find that proper transition. Also obviously on TV, there’s your hair, makeup, your outfit, that goes along with it. On radio, you have to have good conversation and have great content and what you’re speaking about whereas in television, you’ve got to have the whole package; you’ve got to have the look, the hair, and the content, but I enjoy both equally. I feel like though with TV, you have to just watch your words a little bit more.

One thing that you are incorporating into this season of Social Society is your Instagram Live series, “Singles on Instagram Live.” Tell us about how you got started with that and how it has flourished.

It’s so interesting because that’s actually what got me the job at Social Society. I’d been in media, back doing radio for more than 20 years, and then a COVID pandemic happened and I created a singles show which I didn’t even know I was creating when I created it. I went on [Instaram] Live one night because everybody was so lonely and because of COVID we couldn’t talk to people, we couldn’t go anywhere. Me and my boyfriend had just broken up and COVID single is different than the world opened up single because [with] COVID single, the restaurants are closed, you can’t be around people. This is pre-mask, this is like when COVID first happened.

So I felt like, ‘Okay well I’m not the only person feeling this way,’ so let me just go on Live. And I did it, and what happened was it was very entertaining and I was like ‘Okay, this is something’ and I just stuck with it and it’s going to be two years in April. I actually sent the Singles show to the DM and the VP of marketing for ALLBLK, and in my pitch meeting, I got the opportunity to see if I would do Social Society.

As a Hampton University grad, how do you think your HBCU experience prepared you for your career in media?

Well, I’m from Connecticut and I was adamant that I wanted to go to a Black college because I didn’t feel like I grew up surrounded by the images of the Black excellence that we got from The Cosby Show. And so when I went to Hampton it was like this world where I was like, ‘Wow, these black people exist?!’ Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also educated, they dress well, they speak well. And I was just so excited, I’m still very happy that I chose a black college over any other college because it really changed my whole life. It impacted me to just surround myself with Black excellence knowing that we could be the creators but we’re also the stars. A lot of times you just see Black people making something already created better, whereas I feel as though since we already know we can make it better, that means we can also create it. I would choose Black over everything, any day of the week.

What we can look forward to on this season of Social Society, what do you guys have coming up next?

I think the great thing is that we always bring different flavors to the show and what I like about it, is that it feels like I’m kind of a wild card, me and Kendall. You never know what I’m going to say, so tune in to see us have a great time! You will totally be entertained, trust me. Your time will be worth it.

Social Society streams every Monday on ALLBLK—-are YOU watching?

Social Society is a production of Big Little Sis Media, a joint venture between Carter’s IV League Creative and Fortune’s Great Fortune Films. Executive produced by Carter, Fortune and ALLBLK founder Robert L. Johnson, Season 2 of Social Society will feature 15 episodes, airing weekly on Mondays.


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