Not y’all trying to deciper how Tristan out here being emo on Insta relates to his infant allergies and dirty dog behavior…

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Thursday Tristan Thompson got the people going after sharing a message to his Instagram story that seemed focused on not dwelling on the past.

The message read:

“Let the past guide you rather, than making you feel guilty. Let the future excite you, rather than making you feel anxious.Let the present be a gift to you to feel alive, rather than a curse that makes you live in the past or future.”

The timing of Thompson’s message is wild because the Chicago Bulls baller was just in the headlines last week after documents in his paternity lawsuit with Maralee Nichols were leaked, revealing she was requesting $47,000 a month in child support from him. Y’all will recall a Thompson acknowledged that a paternity test confirmed he fathered Nichol’s son Theo, who was born in December. What makes this latest leak even spicier is that the documents also included text messages allegedly sent by Thompson to Nichols that claimed he was engaged Khloé Kardashian and encouraged her to wait to have a family with someone who would be more involved.

A source for Page Six also confirmed their engagement, but y’all will recall the pair split in June after model Sydney Chase exposed Thompson for cheating as well while she was a guest on the No Jumper podcast.

Messy messy messy right?

See Tristan, this is why you gotta stay away from cryptic quoting, because all that happens is it gives the press the opportunity to say — which part of the past are you being guided by? The part where you cheated on your fiancée with a personal trainer? Or the part where you cheated with an IG model? Or the part where you tried to convince a woman not to go through with a pregnancy? Or the part where you left your pregnant girlfriend for a reality star? Or the part where you were in the streets hugged up with a woman while your girlfriend was about to go into labor? Or the part where you knowingly went after your girlfriend’s sister’s best friend? Because if these are the past moments you’re letting guide you it seems like you’re not moving forward much at all. IJS.

In the meantime, Maralee Nichols has been getting more comfortable sharing her and Thompson’s son Theo on Instagram. She took to her stories Thursday to post a photo of The three-month-old in a green onesie that had “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” stitched on the seat of the outfit. The baby’s head faced away from the camera in the shot.

Since his birth on December 1st, Nichols has shied away from sharing photos of the baby’s face.

According to the legal documents obtained by Us Weekly, Nichols estimates that the Thompson has an “income of $9.7million alone”. She has requested a “guideline monthly child support of $47,424.” Nichols is also asking the court to order Thompson to pay her legal fees which total more than $1 million.

Yikes! Seems like this is the part of his present isn’t much of a gift. But maybe it will “guide” Tristan to make better decisions.

Do you think Tristan should continue to be excited about what the future will bring?


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