Sun Sign Horoscopes For Week Of April 3

BOSSIP Weekly Horoscopes: Week Of April 3

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This will be an emotionally heavy week for you – especially if you’re already having a bit of drama in the love department. Take note that in order to facilitate your own healing you will need to erect strict boundaries – in other words teach people how to handle you and your emotions. Spending time in nature near a body of water is ideal to help you stabilize.

RED FLAG: Spiritual protection and emotional fortitude is needed this week. Grab a Hand of Fatima bracelet and wear it faithfully while also slipping on a piece of hematite jewelry to help buoy your Root Chakra. Remember to speak up for yourself – listen to a few throat chakra meditations and affirmations to help you with this.

SWEET SPOT: While it will be socially awkward at first, eventually you get used to establishing and enforcing the boundaries you need to flourish.

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