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A “Love And Marriage Huntsville” couple is speaking on a cousin kerfuffle that played out on the show’s most recent episode.

Latisha And Marsau

Source: Love And Marriage Huntsville / OWN

On Saturday’s episode of #LAMH, LaTisha faced off with her KeKe who “gossiped” behind her back with LaTisha’s on-again off-again friend Melody Holt.

Previously in the season, Melody hosted a Christmas pajama party and invited Kimmi Scott, Stormi Steele, and LaTisha’s cousin. Latisha and another cast member, Destiny, however, were not invited.

Despite LaTisha not being present, she was a topic of discussion at the party, and Melody scoffed at LaTisha saying she “tried to ruin her marriage” by speaking on cheating rumors surrounding Marsau.

During the discussion LaTisha’s cousin KeKe chimed in and said;

“I’m not gonna say these are the first rumors. Things have come to her [LaTisha] Where she’s had to look at her marriage. We’ve had open and honest conversations about Tisha and Marsau’s relationship.”

Things moved on and that infamous ATL “boys trip” picture was discussed.


Later, Tisha’s sister-in-law Kimmi relayed the news to LaTisha that there was “a lot of Tisha conversation at the party” and Tisha was shocked.

“I didn’t know KeKe and Mel were close like that,” said LaTisha in response. “If she had an issue with me, I would expect her to come to me instead of trying to team up against me.”


LaTisha Confronts Her Cousin KeKe

On Saturday’s episode, viewers saw LaTisha meet up with her cousin KeKe at her cigar lounge Blaque to discuss what went down. During their chat, things started out amicable before heating up and ending with LaTisha leaving.

“Yes, you came up in conversation,” admitted KeKe.

“I thought we were in a good space,” said LaTisha while KeKe noted that she wasn’t brought up in a degrading way. “I thought we were good.”

“I thought we were too,” said KeKe before alleging that LaTisha and Marsau spread her “personal business” to the Holts, Melody, and Martell. ”

Tisha you know what y’all discussed. you know that that Christmas that we spent with Mel and Martell, y’all were laughting about and discussing me. Tisha, you apologized to me for it.”

Tisha then said in a confessional that she told Mel and Martell what was happening because it was “only fair” to divulge the information.


The Blaque blowup between LaTisha and KeKe led to people on social media calling KeKe “disloyal.”


KeKe previously denied betraying her family member by noting that she has a history of loyalty…

“Anyone who knows me and my character knows that I’ve ALWAYS been a great and loyal friend! There is not even ONE friend that I’ve EVER HAD that I can’t still call a friend! See my friends can TRUST ME! I’ve never switched up and NEVER exposed anything about my friends that was personal to another person.”

and she later addressed the “betrayal” allegations head-on on Sunday. She also called BS on Tisha.

“I woke up to a lot of messages,” said KeKe while noting that she has not watched the show yet because she was busy dealing with a personal matter, the death of her mother-in-law. “I’ll definitely address whatever is said in the way that I see fit. One thing I heard them say was they “had to tell them” [the Holts] for their safety. Bulls***!” I confided in her, I trusted her [LaTisha]. I will most definitely come out with my own stuff in my time.”

Marsau And LaTisha Talk Cousin KeKe With BOSSIP

On the latest episode of BOSSIP’s Reality Recap, Managing Editor Dani Canada caught up with LaTisha and her husband Marsau and during the chat, the coupled addressed what KeKe said about Tisha “having to look at her marriage.”

“She’s talking about the allegations that are on the show,” said LaTisha on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “So that’s what she’s referring to. So yes, they did say things about my marriage and of course, I’m gonna vent to my friends and family members.”

Latisha And Marsau

Source: Love And Marriage Huntsville / OWN

Marsau then offered his opinion.

“People don’t understand, you think cheating is the only thing that happens in marriages? Regular stuff—it turns into an argument. Let’s not act like when you struggle in your marriage it’s [only that]”–it can be a lot more than that in a marriage.”

Marsau also addressed a comment he made on social media about a “dummy” and the “real dummy” being the one who “doesn’t even get a check.”

Based on his answer, #RealityRecap viewers in the comments alleged that he was hinting that Melody Holt was “pulling the strings” with Tisha’s cousin.

“I was watching the show and I saw one person pulling the strings and the other person making the sound,” said Marsau on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “I cannot believe after everything that I have personally done for you that this is the repayment right here. You know what the bad part about being a hater or opposition in certain areas? I was rooting for you,” added Marsau. “We were all rooting for you! And in the end, I’m a f*****g winner and you’re not going to beat me. You shouldn’t be on that other team because you’re going to lose.”

That’s not all he said however, Marsau scoffed at his loyalty being questioned when he and his wife have been “loyal” to certain people since #LAMH season 1.

Latisha And Marsau

Source: Love And Marriage Huntsville / OWN

“Our friends in the beginning said, ‘Hey we’re going to do this show’ and we knew what they were going through for a while and there was a choice to not be direct about that, that’s who we are, protectors of our friends,” said Marsau on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “We know you’re going through this, we’ve been around this. Tisha got the picture of the BMW [that Martell allegedly bought for his mistress] from Mel, that’s who sent the picture.

“We knew this stuff and we’re protective and now it gets to a point where our loyalty is called into play. This situation you’ve seen is a real situation. This is real-time what we’ve done in our lives. This is not “how we’re going to tell the story”—this IS our story.”

Bringing the discussion back to KeKe, Marsau added:

“There’s one part that’s between me and KeKe, and there’s one part that’s between Tisha and Keke,” added Marsau on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap. “The part between Tisha and KeKe I don’t care too much about, that’s not the underlying part about this whole situation. It’s a very complex situation and I made decisions to protect all parties involved and now eight years later it’s being harped upon.”

The husband also added that accountability is especially important to him because it’s something that’s been instilled into him since childhood.


Check out Marsau and LaTisha on BOSSIP’s #RealityRecap below. The conversation about KeKe starts at 23:20.




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