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Netflix & Chileeee

Everyone’s buzzing over Netflix’s deliciously messy dating show ‘The Ultimatum‘ where six couples agree to briefly break up and date people from the other couples before choosing a new partner to move in with during a 3-week “trial marriage.”

As expected, things swerve all the way left on the shamelessly entertaining show currently trending on Netflix while fueling hilarious chaos across the whole entire internet.

Netflix's The Ultimatum assets

Source: Netflix

We caught up with classy stunner Shanique from the show who dished about her experience after issuing an ultimatum to her boo of nearly two years.

Netflix's The Ultimatum assets

Source: Netflix

I’m going to be completely honest here, because there are a couple things, right? So obviously we didn’t know about the show, ‘The Ultimatum.’ There wasn’t a conversation between Randall and I where I’m like, “I’m going to give you an ultimatum.”

But I think we were at a point in our relationship where I was noticing that I was always the one initiating heart-to-heart or emotional conversations. I was the only one initiating conversations about the future unless he was joking about having kids. And that was a strong “no “for me. I’m like, “You want kids, you got to put a ring on this finger, for sure!”But just in general, I felt like there were moments where he just wanted to be in a relationship and it was comfortable and it was easy.

We were friends, before everything, so kind of made it just easy for him. And I don’t know if there was one particular moment, but just, I think, the constant brushing off the plans or just not being intentional about those things. I kind of saw that as a red flag, and so when the opportunity presented itself, we were like… Well, I was like, “Yeah, I think this is a really great way to put things into perspective for him.” And of course, that’s not exactly how it went. But yeah, that’s what it is.

What was your fave moment from ‘The Ultimatum?’ Tell us down below and peep the funniest, wildest, and messiest tweets from Netflix’s smash hit show on the flip.

“alexis from #theultimatum lookin like handsome squidward” – *falls down the stairs*

“Alexis has clarified her actual age from the show” – 27??????????????????????? Nahhhhhh

“Alexis when Colby said she’s not attractive to him #theultimatum” – *howls*

“If you are so into Jake why are you f*cking me everyday?” i–” – wooooo

“Zay: I’m sorr-

Rae: DON’T ATTACK ME!” – ahhhh

“Zay came to the reunion to expose Rae. She thought she was going to sit pretty in her Fashion Nova dress and get away with hurting him” – FASHION NOVA DRESS

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“Jake’s hair is a…choice #TheUltimatum” – A CHOICE

“Jake said…” – hahahahaa

“Jake channeling his 25% West African heritage #TheUltimatum” – *0.9%

“Rae: “I have a mom”
Jake: “omg I have a mom too”
Both: “that’s crazy we have so much in common” – *cackles*

“madyln every time colby showed a red flag” – every single time



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