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“Caresha, PLEASE!”

Yung Miami and Gina Huynh

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By now, you’ve probably seen the messy etussle between Diddy‘s rumored boo Yung Miami and his main boo (of the moment) Gina Huynh who traded spicy jabs across social media platforms while their billionaire boo thang remained silent.

Yung Miami Gets Into Messy Catfight With Gina Huynh On Social Media

It all started when Gina posted herself at the Billboard Music Awards with the caption “Love, Love, Love” hinting at her relationship with the Bad Boy mogul who officially adopted the moniker, Sean Love Combs.

Naturally, the post bothered Yung Miami enough for her to give “this b***” Gina “some attention.”

In true “main chick” fashion, Gina posted a pic on her InstaStory of Diddy kissing her on the cheek, adding “if anyone is seeking attention, b**** it’s you.”

The feud boiled over on Twitter where Miami fired off tweets about someone who’s “been around –just around for years” needing to “lay low.” She also called Gina a “freaky a** b***” and shaded her “cheap a*** lint ball carpet” which fueled petty hilarity across Twitter.

Yung Miami later cleared Gina completely with the City Girl-est of responses.

“I am and that’s why I f*** with yo n*** & ain’t coming off him idc how many pics you post!”

In a predictable twist, Gina also teased a new track that sounds exactly like something an Asian woman smitten with Diddy would record in a studio. You can listen to it and catch up on the full e-tussle HERE. 

You can also see Miami explain to Complex why she LATCHED into Gina below. According to Miami, she was tired of being “poked.”

“What’s up b***, I see you—RELAX,” said Miami.



Do you think Yung Miami did a little too much? Tell us down below and peep the pettiest reactions to her messy eTussle with Gina Huynh on the flip.

“Diddy told you about that lady’s carpet?!

lmfao messy” – A MESS


“caresha this yo man ? 😂” – *gasp*

“Santana hyping her up too. He probably fucking Diddy too 😂😂😂😂😂” – now, see…

“LMAO @ everyone saying “it’s only Diddy.” Caresha arguing over a billionaire and y’all be fighting to the death and running b*tches over for nggas who be so broke they can be claimed as a dependent on your taxes. Sit back and stay in your bracket” – whew, a sentence

“Diddy know he wrong for walking in that girl house tripping over that loose carpet and doing nothing about it” – LOOSE CARPET

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“No shade but all shade…. The non black/ mixed girls be think they a first round pick just cuz they so f*cking called “exotic” ya face old and Caresha running laps around you, hang it up Deelishus” – welppp

“I’m not mad at Caresha. At least she arguing over a millionaire. I done argued over a n*gga in a polo shirt and glasses. Honestly, there’s a lesson behind this 💀” – ah mannn

“Caresha post diddy eating your a** cuz that’s what I would do” – whoaaa

“okay but it’s a gated community 😭” – bruhhh

“Yall doing all this just for diddy to say kim still the love of his life tmrw” – ahhhh


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