Mane's Surprise Return Pulverizes 'P-Valley' Panny Drawls

#PValley: Mane Returned To The Valley & Pulverized Panny Drawls Into Poonlivion

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Mane had ’em hootin’ and hollerin’

Former NFL star-turned-actor Thomas Q. Jones has ‘P-Valley‘ fans in a FRENZY over his surprise return to the show as ‘Mane’ who can best be described as Mercedes’ sorta kinda love interest introduced in Season 1.

A fan favorite (for obvious reasons), Mane is more than just eye candy and offers Mercedes a trusted perspective from a genuine place.

“Mane used to serve as Mercedes’ hood therapist,’ wrote the ‘P-Valley’ writers room account on Twitter. “Now that he’s on the outside, she can finally unpack the guilt she feels for taking Montavius’ life. Even though she rejects him, Mane proves himself to be loyal and caring. We love a tender gangsta”

One of the biggest questions from fans was how Mercedes was able to resist Mane’s advances.

The answer miiiight be Farrah who she entangled with during the Mercedes experience that went terribly wrong.

In the spicy scene, we see Coach going HAM and snatching his money back after discovering that his wife Farrah was enjoying the Mercedes experience a lil too much.

How Coach managed to find this undiscovered level of AUDACITY to snap on his wife for liking the dancer HE PAID TO JOIN THEIR BEDROOM, we may never know, but the scene sent social media into a frenzy.

What was your reaction to seeing Mane back in the valley? Do you think he’ll tell someone that Mercedes killed Montavious? Also, are you hoping that Mercedes runs away with Farrah? Tell us down below and peep the hilarious hysteria over Mane’s return on the flip.

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