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In today’s episode of Ain’t Nobody Coming To See You, Daniel, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron couldn’t get a word in edgewise during a recent speech because people in the audience only wanted to talk about one person; Breonna Taylor.

Kentucky AG Makes Announcement On Charges In Breonna Taylor's Death

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According to the Lexington Herald-Ledger, Cameron was speaking at the 142nd Annual picnic hosted by St. Jerome Catholic Church, and damn near through the speech, audience members were chanting Taylor’s name so loud you could barely hear what the attorney general and Sunken Place HOA president was even saying. (Not that we care.)


Cameron reportedly never mentioned Breonna’s killing in his speech people but he did promise law enforcement he would “always have your back and we will always support the blue.” (I can not confirm whether he was wearing his blue suede shoes while tap dancing or notbut he was. He definitely was.)

This all came days after the FBI finally arrested some of the officers and former officers connected to the botched raid that took Breonna’s life. The arrests have inspired new scrutiny on Cameron and his lackluster work while serving as a special prosecutor in Taylor’s case because all he found cause to do was charge former Detective Brett Hankison with endangering Taylor’s neighbors by firing wildly into her building. (Another way to say that is—Hankinson was essentially charged for missing Breonna.)

That’s probably why even as Cameron stepped off the stage, people in the crowd could still be heard chanting Taylor’s name.


Of course, Cameron has maintained that the recent federal arrests had nothing to do with him or his bootlicking ways. (I might have added that last part.)

“Today, President Biden’s Department of Justice brought federal civil rights charges against four individuals in connection with the death of Ms. Breonna Taylor” Cameron said in a statement, according to WLKY. “As in every prosecution, our office supports the impartial administration of justice, but it is important that people not conflate what happened today with the state law investigation undertaken by our office. Our primary task was to investigate whether the officers who executed the search warrant were criminally responsible for Ms. Taylor’s death under state law.

“At the conclusion of our investigation, our prosecutors submitted the information to a state grand jury, which ultimately resulted in criminal charges being brought against Mr. Brett Hankison for wanton endangerment.

“I’m proud of the work of our investigators & prosecutors. This case and the loss of Ms. Taylor’s life have generated national attention. People across the country have grieved, and there isn’t a person I’ve spoken to across our 120 counties that isn’t saddened by her loss. There are those, however, who want to use this moment to divide Kentuckians, misrepresent the facts of the state investigation, and broadly impugn the character of our law enforcement community.

“I won’t participate in that sort of rancor. It’s not productive. Instead, I’ll continue to speak with the love and respect that is consistent with our values as Kentuckians.”

Riiiiight—we definitely believe Cameron spoke to people in 120 counties in Kentucky and didn’t come across one person who was indifferent at best when it came to the subject of Breonna Taylor’s killing. He was definitely just walking around Kentucky talking to Kentuckians about her death at the hands of the very cops he constantly pledges to protect.

The man literally can’t talk about Breonna at all without being sure to protect the little blue feelings of police officers. But sure, we believe he was doing his best work when he was in the prosecution seat and that his goal was justice and not a resolution that had the least negative impact on law enforcement. 

Seriously, I wouldn’t be mad if someone followed Cameron through the streets chanting “Breonna Taylor” while ringing a bell like the “shame” lady from Game of Thrones.

We want justice for Breonna, not some “Back the blue” stooge who just doesn’t really care. 


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