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Justice for Keyshawn!

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Source: Starz

We’ve all wanted to jump through our TV screen and fight a villainous character like Keyshawn‘s evil baby daddy Derrick who whipped ‘P-Valley‘ fans into a frenzy with his despicable stunt in the skressful season finale.

In a stomach-turning sequence of events, Keyshawn (who planned to leave Chucalissa with her kids) is met by Derrick, the police, and a hellish CPS officer called to her home on suspicion of child abuse that she’s accused of committing.

Even more sickening is Keyshawn’s ain’t isht stepmother calling Derrick to pick up the kids (knowing everything that she knows about his abusive behavior) before their mother could get them and leave town.

P-Valley assets

Source: Starz

Understandably furious, she swings on EVERYBODY and gets arrested in the latest heartbreaking moment for Keyshawn who absolutely went THROUGH IT this season.

“We always want to see [Keyshawn] exhaust every single option,” said Creator/Showrunner Katori Hall in an exclusive interview with EW.

In [episode 5], we see her try to escape impulsively and anyone who has been a domestic abuse survivor knows that you have to have a strong plan in order. We felt that Autumn, who unfortunately has this experience of being in an abusive relationship, would be the perfect person who could truly walk her through what it takes in order to get out of this terrible relationship with herself and her kids alive. We know people would be hating Autumn because she tried to sell the Pynk and she’s kind of the villain of the first half of the season, but in that moment in the grocery store, we see her empathy. It creates a turning point for the audience when it comes to Autumn, and over the course of the back end of the season we see the passing of birth certificates in order to get passports, we see Keyshawn preparing in so many ways.

To have her escape plan completely destroyed by her evil stepmother is a moment we have been crafting towards because it’s absolutely real. That moment where she comes home, and seeing CPS starting their investigation is all fueled and triggering by Derrick. It’s a reflection of how he is able to use every piece of control. He’s standing in his white male privilege in Mississippi knowing that CPS people are going to blame her and it’s a way for him to exert control. He is absolutely the uber villain of the season, and quite frankly, of the series. We know our audience is going to be extremely frustrated by what happens to Keyshawn and the fact that she does not get her fairytale ending.”

Also worth noting is actor Jordan M. Cox (who plays Derrick) condemning his character’s actions in a statement posted on Twitter.

How do you think the Keyshawn/Derrick saga ends? What would be the most satisfying conclusion to this storyline? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over Keyshawn’s heartbreaking on the flip.

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