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At this point, can we just agree that the divorce needs to be EXPEDITED for these two?

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This week’s “Stomping Grounds” episode of VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” has been a hot topic, thanks largely to an incredibly toxic conversation that aired between the currently estranged couple, Ray J and Princess Love, about their relationship. The conversation began during what seemed like an attempt at starting fresh, which happened during filming sometime last year. You may recall, Ray J previously filed for divorce last October and the news of the split hit headlines while the “One Wish” singer was reportedly hospitalized while battling pnemonia.

While the conversation started out civil, with Ray J claiming he was done being a bachelor and Princess suggesting they toast “to new beginnings, to the life you wanted.”

That’s when it all went left.

“To the life I wanted?” Ray J responded. “I almost died in the hospital.”

“You filed for divorce,” Princess Love replied.

“After I almost died,” Ray J said.

“After you had b****es in the house, wearing my clothes,” Princess countered.

“I’m dying and you’re still thinking about b****es wearing your sh**?” Ray J reacted. “That’s not right. And you wonder why I got a divorce.”

Next Ray J lashed out about Princess not bringing their children, Melody Love, 4, and Epik Ray, 2, to see him while he was hospitalized.

Instead of falling for the bait, Princess responded saying, “What is your point? You filed for divorce, you don’t want to be married.”

Ray J tried to shift the blame saying, “No, you don’t want to be married, you know why? Because you’re already talking to other ni**as.”

“Yeah I am,” Princess admitted.

“So we’re done,” Ray J said, walking away from the mother of his kids.

“We’ve been done, and you’re free to do whatever you want,” Princess Love told him.

“And you’re free to talk to whoever you want, because I already know you talking to other ni**as,” Ray J added.

“You tried to f**k b***hes the day we got married,” Princess Love said.

“No I didn’t,” Ray J denied the accusation. “Stop lying to yourself.”

“And it’s always been strippers and prostitutes,” said Princess Love.

“Strippers and prostitutes don’t count,” Ray J quipped back. ”

Ray J continued to justify his actions telling Princess, “You cheated on me by talking to some random ni**as. You talking to three ni**as right now.”

“One,” Princess said with a smile, holding up a single finger.

“Guess how many b***hes I’ve talked to in our relationship? None,” Ray J responded. “You grew a connection with somebody. You liked somebody. I’ve never liked nobody. That’s a problem. Whether I got my d**k sucked by a random in the alley or not, I don’t know this b***h name. Yet you liking and building a relationship with somebody, it’s deep and I’ve never done that.”

Princess Love responded by saying Ray J can’t handle having what he’s done to her be done to him.

“You’re unfaithful and you’re a cheater and that’s it,” he raised the shot glass to his lips and made a toast. “To the ni**a that’s talking to my wife.”

Then he swallowed the shot. Then he went really low.

“What would Epik and Melody think?” Ray J asked, staring at Princess, who took his words like a gut punch and walked away from the kitchen to a bedroom where she closed the door behind her.


We recently reported that Princess Love was pulling the plug on the marriage after a joint appearance at this year’s BET Awards made it seem like the couple might reconcile.

Ray J and Princess Love were married in August 2016 in Los Angeles.

What do you think about this argument? There are probably plenty of couples who have had similar conversations but that doesn’t make it any less toxic. We’re just hoping that they can end the toxicity and create a healthy environment for their kids.

Oh and we’re not going to just act like Ray J wasn’t gaslighting — because he was. Big Time! What do you think it will take for Ray J to assume some accountability?


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