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After a Real Housewife of Potomac was shown in the new trailer being doused in alcohol via a castmate she’s pointing out double standards and they all concern the less melanated members of the bunch.


Dr. Wendy Osefo took to Twitter Tuesday after the release of the explosive season 7 #RHOP trailer to point out reactions that very well could be rooted in colorism.


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In the trailer viewers saw several things; Gizelle Bryant and Candiace Dillard falling out over Chris Bassett, Ashley Darby’s impending divorce from Michael Darby, and Charrisse Jackson Jordan’s return.


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Viewers also saw a shocking moment when Mia Thornton splashed the contents of her martini glass in Dr. Wendy Osefo’s face.


Source: Bravo

The dustup happened in May while the ladies were filming at Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Peter Thomas’ Miami restaurant. Rumors and footage surfaced of what happened and several #RHOP fans thought that either Wendy or fellow housewife Candiace was the aggressor and called for their firing.

As previously reported videos and sources later confirmed that Candiace wasn’t even present at the time of filming and the chatter eventually died down.

Dr. Wendy Osefo Calls Out People Who Wrongly Assumed That She Threw The Glass

Now comments surrounding the messy moment have revved back up in part because Dr. Wendy believes there’s still a double standard when it comes to the cast.

The Johns Hopkins professor who’s previously alleged colorism amongst the Real Housewives of Potomac and fans who’ve labeled her and Candiace “aggressive” tweeted;

“I vividly remember the outrage when people falsely assumed I threw a glass. Now, we all see the truth and magically the outrage disappears. How convenient”

Several people agreed with Wendy’s statement including Candiace Dillard who caught HELL from #RHOP fans after an arugula altercation in season 6 when tossed lettuce leaves Mia Thornton’s way.


Like Dr. Wendy, Candiace has also alleged that colorism comes into play when it comes to this particular franchise.

She previously told BOSSIP;

“There are double standards, there are buzz words and dog whistles used like “aggressive”, “doing too much” violent” or “angry” that are specifically used towards people who look like me or Wendy that are not used when someone who’s light behaves the same way; rolling their neck, doing all this with the finger, banging on tables—that’s never labeled aggressive.


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“If I do it, if Wendy does it–it’s just different,” Candiace added during BOSSIP’s RealityRecap. “I am the villain, I am vile, I’m nasty, I need to be fired. I have not said or done anything worse than the rest of this cast. If you lined up everyone’s indiscretions everyone is pretty much on the same playing field.”

Unfortunately for both Dr. Wendy and Candiace, their colorism comments have continued to fall on deaf ears. The Green-Eyed Bandits [Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon] previously called the allegations “stupid.”

We’ll have to see exactly how this Mia Thornton Vs. Dr. Wendy messiness plays out, but people are clearly already taking sides.


What do YOU think about the #RHOP season martini moment?


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