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And just like clockwork, Nicki Minaj stans are stirring the pot for Megan Thee Stallion following her recent collaboration with Lil Kim.

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Nicki Minaj hosted a new episode of her Queen Radio show on Amazon’s Amp titled “Tea Party” on Sunday, September 11. Just as the title suggests, the episode featured Minaj spilling tea about her rap rivals, one of which fans are sure is Megan Thee Stallion.

During her live stream, Nicki claimed one rapper–who she never actually named–suggested she terminate her pregnancy at the abortion clinic after declining their offer for an alcoholic drink.

“Imagine telling someone you didn’t want a drink… you know, because you were, at the time, possibly pregnant, because you were actively trying to have a baby,” Minaj explained. “Imagine that person saying, ‘Oh girl, you can go to the clinic!’”

She added: “Imagine posting photos that you’re pregnant… and the person doesn’t even like it or say congratulations. But then, when you post that Beyoncé sent you flowers congratulating you, the person then tries to attempt to send you flowers thinking that, ‘Oh, I could use this opportunity as I use everyone else. She’ll post that I sent her flowers.’

“I didn’t even let them shits in my muthaf**king house,” said Nicki.

Again, Nicki Minaj didn’t call anyone out by name, but the Barbz–possibly because of the Beyoncé connection–immediately pointed the finger at Megan Thee Stallion. That’s when one of her fans tagged Meg directly about the situation, tweeting, “@theestallion Nicki Minaj is accusing you of encouraging abortion & child endangerment w/ alcohol.. This isn’t something to stay quiet on.”

But Meg was quick to set the record straight, shutting down the speculation by promptly replying: “LIE.”

A back-and-forth between Megan and some of Nicki’s fans went on for a while, with the “WAP” rapper shutting down claims that she was incriminating herself by responding even though Minaj didn’t mention any names.

“No names were mentioned but u were first to respond? Oh baby the shoe fits,” another fan wrote, to which Megan replied: “So this person didn’t mention me?”

Thee Stallion continued, “If someone @ you you can respond right or that don’t apply for every user on twitter? If someone directly @ my name …why do they be confused when I reply lol?”

Clearing things up for another fan, she wrote: “This person … as in the person who pressed the @ button… y’all not this crazy lol.”

Nicki Minaj welcomed her first child, a son she calls Papa Bear, with her husband, Kenneth Petty in September 2020.

As for her relationship with Megan Thee Stallion, things seemingly fizzled out after Minaj was featured on her 2019 single “Hot Girl Summer.” Fans think Megan’s “WAP” collaboration with Cardi B, Nicki’s mortal nemesis, is the reason, but nothing has been confirmed from either side.

Nicki Minaj’s Tea Party Came After Her “Super Freaky Girl [Queen Mix]”

Nicki Minja’s latest radio show that featured the abortion encouraging claims happened amid buzz from Nicki’s all-female “Super Freaky Girl [Queenmix].”

As previously reported the song features Katie Got Bandz, Akbar V, Maliibu Miitch, JT, and BIA and fans thought that a plethora of female rappers responded shadily to being left off the mix.

In particular, Barbz thought that Asian Doll, Coi Leray, and Lekeyah were upset that they weren’t included—but when TheShadeRoom hinted that Nicki “responded” to the ladies, she cleared the air and said she wasn’t talking to anyone in particular.

“Why y’all tryna make it look like I’m responding to this CLOWN S### when all of my tweets were posted before these girls tweets?????????? ???????” wrote Nicki. “Knock it TF OFF. WHEN I TELL U IDGAF 🤪 Bwahahahahahahagaga.”

She also praised the ladies actually featured on the track while slamming “jealous ahh clowns.”

“Shout out the girls on the #QueenMix they congratulated me on going #1 so I asked them to be on my REMIX!!!!!! Who gon check me boo????!! Btchs ain’t got enough CASH IN THE BANK FOR DAT,” she wrote in TSR’s comments section.

Y’all can’t never be happy for other girls but I’m the bitter one????? Bwajahahahahahagaga. Stay MAD. C@ck SUCKA OF THE DAY AWARDS IS BEING GIVEN OUT ON QUEEN RADIO TONIGHT. ENTITLED CRYING AHh JEALOUS Ahh Clowns.”

Chiiiiiii y’all erasing my comments now I gotta write the whole thing again?? Oh ok. Take it up with the white man. Y’all want the black woman to promote y’all for free while the white man make all the money. EAT a DIHHHHHHH.”

If I pushed you out my tight vagina like this comment so I know,” she added.

On Monday Nicki continued to rant, this time about “entitled duds.”

What “jealous ahh clowns/duds” do YOU think Nicki’s talking to?



Nicki Minaj Shaded Garcelle Beauvais During Her Tea Party

At one point during her “Tea Party” Nicki was more direct and she shaded Real Housewife of Beverly Hills/former The Real co-host Garcelle Beauvais.

Nicki mocked Beauvais whose been in recent headlines because cyberbullies targeted her teenage son with racist messages.

According to LoveBScott, Nicki shaded the host who interviewed Kenneth Petty’s rape accuser during her time at The Real, and brought up Garcelle’s divorce while labeling her a “b***.”

“Get the f**k out of kitchen mother f***ing b***h!” said Nicki. ‘Did you care about my mother f***ing son b***h?!”

“I see why that white man left you b***h, disgusting!” she added referencing Beauvais’ 2011 split from Mike Dilon.


Nicki Minaj later shaded another former The Real co-host, Loni Love.

Nicki’s tweet prompted laughing emojis from Love’s former The Real coworker Tamar Braxton.

What do YOU think about Nicki Minaj’s “Tea Party” comments?



Garcelle seems unbothered.



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