“Do We Have A Problem?” Well….yes, some Nicki Minaj fans do, but others are just basking in their latest Barbz blessing that features an all-female all-star lineup.

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On Friday the Video Vanguard recipient released the remix to “Super Freaky Girl (Queen Mix)” featuring quite the combo of female rappers from Miami, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. And while we love to see female rappers come together to produce a bop, some fans and Twitter users had questions about the ladies picked for the track.

The song has a lengthy list of lyricists including BIA, Akbar V, Malibu Mitch, and Katie Got Bandz. The record also features JT of The City Girls and as you may recall, Nicki publicly stated she liked The City Girls but discovered they “didn’t like her” after some old tweets resurfaced.

JT who is also featured on Glorilla’s new “FNF” remix regrettably tweeted,

“I just don’t like Nicki she feel she really run s*** h** please I want cardi to take completely over push that b***** to the back. Nicki overly happy on IG Beyoncé not saying nothing, chill out girl. the song good tho but calm down!”

Although JT, Caresha, and Onika squashed the issue, some people still didn’t feel JT was deserving of a spot on this new record.

Despite that, the “Act Up” rapper gushed about how excited she was to be on the song with Nicki.

“Haven’t felt like this since “in my feelings” in 2018 before prison, I got out & never got my WOW moment, it became depressing…. I thought I would never feel excited & motivated again! This feel so good I’m so happy & I Deserve this.”

One Twitter user responded with a photo of JT’s old tweet maligning Minaj, and other people wondered why JT would do a song without her fellow City Girl Yung Miami.

As usual, people claimed that there was drama afoot without an ounce of proof.


Nicki has taken notice of some of the criticism from blogs and Twitter users and she’s called people out via tweets.

“Notice how they posted only about bull****. S/o to everyone supporting the song & the women who bodied. They ain’t doing no campaigns for us chi. We gotta get it out the mud.”

She continued, “Female rap unity only when their pets can benefit from it. Lol. Other than that, let’s act like we don’t see it”.

JT has also responded.


Despite the vitriol, Minaj is having the last laugh or in her case the last cackle.

She tweeted, “Y’all omg. The #QueenMix is already #1&2 on us iTunes all genres. We fkng love you guys so much!!!! Thank you!!!! These girls bodied & deserve.

Clearly, people are still loving the record regardless of the issues others are having with the heavily featured track. Many Twitter users believe not only Nicki but all of the ladies gave top-tier performances.

People even highlighted the fact that JT had an exceptional verse and defended her solo rapping.


User @BigPapaAori also made a great point tweeting,

“I really hope ppl set aside their feelings to realize how HUGE this is I mean, talk about “female rap unity” THIS IS IT!!!

It seems like Nicki is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. People claimed she was a hater and failed to uplift other female rappers, but when she does, she’s criticized for it.

It’s important to just keep the focus on the music – are you feeling the “Queen Mix” of “Super Freaky Girl”?


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