Kim Burrell Addresses Backlash Over Sermon On 'Tamron Hall'

Bless Her Heart: Kim Burrell Addresses Backlash Over Offensive Sermon Video, Gets Classily Checked By Tamron Hall

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Bless her heart…

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Pastor Kim Burrell is getting dragged, once again, after her appearance on ‘Tamron Hall‘ where she addressed the backlash over offensive remarks she made during her viral sermon back in July.

Check out the clip below:

When asked how she’s feeling in the wake of the controversy surrounding the offensive sermon, she had this to say:

“I feel great because my intent to what I was speaking to – first, thank you for allowing me to come on and asking me to come on and taking into consideration that there’s always more than one side – there’s a jargon that happens in church, that the charismatic Black church, there’s a lingo and certain things we say that we fully understand, which it almost feels like when you see those cameras in church now it’s an intrusion upon that because for those who don’t understand it, they’re going to misinterpret what it means,” she said.

I’ve been in church too long, I’ve held on to my faith too long to deliberately hurt people. I’m not in any way mentally, spiritually, physically challenged to the degree that I have to choose people to be mean to. So overall, when you have more than one person giving their opinion about one other person, the majority probably is going to win.

A lot of people get on the bandwagon. So when you asked me ‘how do I feel?’ Do you mean about my words now or about how it made people feel?” To which Tamron responded, “About your words now.”

Burrell continued,

“I feel the same way I felt that night. My intentions were pure. I was making an analogy, actually, I was honoring the Pastor about being there. And I was making an analogy about his personality. I just didn’t word it to where as they would understand it.”

Burrell also explained why she felt her words were misinterpreted:

“It was completely ad-libbed,” she admitted. “Yeah, I didn’t have a plan to talk to a certain thing. It was a form of encouragement, is what it was, for those who can hear in that way.

There are some people who go, ‘You telling people not to live in a trailer home.’ That’s not what I said. I compared a trailer home to mansion living. I was metaphorically speaking. Everybody wanted to turn my words into accusing people that if you have a certain kind of financial status that I was speaking against that, which is so far from the truth.”

WHY she won’t just apologize, acknowledge that she hurt people, and leave it at that, we may never know, but she waded into troubled waters when she attempted to drag Yolanda Adams into her mess before Tamron Hall swiftly shut it down.

“Let me be clear here, Yolanda is a friend of mine as well and I am also from Texas and I did not want to turn this into a–because I don’t know what happened behind the scenes,” said Hall.

What I was asking if you wanted more time for–you said there was more of backstory to what you said on the pulpit not the interpersonal relationships of two people that you’re now here with me another person I care about…”

The ill-advised appearance on the show comes after Burrell made offensive remarks while addressing Pastor Brian Carn’s Kingdom City Church.

In a viral video, Burrell, 49, can be seen joking about COVID, PPP loans, “ugly people”, and screening friends in a front of a congregation that somehow refrained from booing or throwing tomatoes.

“…who likes to be told you’re just ugly, no ones likes to be told that,” she joked (as if she was performing at Def Comedy Jam). Most don’t get offended until they know the bad thing about themselves… I haven’t chosen anyone to be ugly yet. God is good. God is great. You all look great. Most of you have on hats covering most of that anyway. Here’s to you.”

Elsewhere in the rant, she ventured further into the abyss:

“We’re at church….those of us that are walking by faith without a mask and no vaccine,” she said, adding, “I don’t know maybe you got a little left from your PPP loan. Prayer, Praise and Power.. you understand.”

Oh, but there’s more:

“You choose up. Find you some value, you know?

Sometimes before we get friends we have to do an interview: How long you been broke? How many times have you changed your name on your light bill? How many of your bills are in your little cousin’s name? Do you live in a trailer home or a house? It’s not about status or material things it’s just about choices.”

As expected, Burrell released an apology sprinkled with threats aimed at her many, many critics who questioned her behavior.

She also shifted into an attack on anyone “slandering” and “defaming” her character and noted that she was making her comments in jest.

“As a kingdom citizen and a woman of integrity, I can acknowledge that some of my words, even if said in jest can be offensive. My intention is never to hurt anyone but to spread love, laughter and more importantly, the gift which God has given me in song.

If anyone was offended I can sincerely say I apologize.”

“My image has been used in multiple places and false statements and narratives have been created. The punitive damages for some are quite lofty. Please be mindful of what is both written and said (via video) about me especially if it contains untruths. Slander and defamation are not taken lightly especially if it affects my name, image or brand.”

What did you think of the interview? Do you think Kim Burrell will ever just take accountability without the extra shenanigans? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter chitter-chatter over the interview on the flip.

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