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Ashanti is finally speaking her truth after a panini pressed Chatty Patty made constant comments about her.

Ashanti x Irv Gotti

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The singer, 42, appeared on Angie Martinez’s IRL Podcast and broke her silence after weeks of being dragged in the media by a foolishly forlorn  Irv Gotti, 52. As previously reported the Murder Inc. exec went viral after he alleged that he not only had a sexual relationship with her but was heartbroken to see that she was dating Nelly—despite him being married. He also alleged that a sexual encounter between them spurned her track “Happy” and spoke about her further in BET’s Murder Inc. documentary. 

Now Ashanti’s sharing her side of what allegedly happened and responding to Irv’s corny chatter about events from twenty years ago.

Ashanti Calls Irv Gotti A Narcissist, Says Exes Reached Out After His Drink Champs Interview

Ashanti told Angie Martinez that she’s seen “a little bit” of the Murder Inc. doc and blasted Irv for cheapening the record label’s legacy. “I think the world can see why [I didn’t particpate],” said Ashanti.

“It’s very unfortunate how Irv decided to handle his documentary,” the singer told Angie Martinez. “It’s a little sad you know to see a grown man conduct himself in that manner. I feel like the Murder Inc Legacy is so much bigger and we accomplished so much and made like amazing history and I feel like the way that he handled it tarnished and cheapened the brand….I feel like we all worked so hard and for you to be that selfish to just throw mud on the name because you might have got a check, I feel like that’s so selfish and it’s so degrading.”

She also said that she was happy to receive support from fans and even exes after Gotti’s comments went viral.

“My phone was going crazy, texts from exes and everything, said Ashanti before going on to call out Gotti for allegedly being a narcissist.

“It wasn’t surprising to me, to an extent, because I’ve accepted a long time ago that that’s the person that he is,” said Ashanti. “But now the world is seeing it. I feel like Irv is mentally not in a good place, you know? You see people that have narcissistic ways, you see people that are very selfish, you see people that are hurt and in pain, and as a grown woman I feel like there is a difference between when men are hurt and when women are hurt.”

She continued,

“There is a difference between when men are hurt and when women are hurt and how we carry that hurt and how long we carry that hurt.”


Ashanti Says Irv Gotti Took Credit For “Making Her F**kable, Denies Ever Dating Him

At one point in the interview, Ashanti said that Irv made disturbing comments about “making her” and her career and added that he gave her sex appeal. “I made you f***kable,” he allegedly told her.

“I made you, I made the world want to f***k you,” she alleges he said. “He would say—‘n***s wanna f*** you because I made you look like that. I made you f***kable.”

She also flat-out denied ever dating him.


“Let’s clear this up,” said Ashanti. ” dealt with each other, but was Irv my boyfriend? Was I his girlfriend? Never … Irv had several girlfriends, so I’m a little confused by the label and the description” adding that he made it “into something big and it’s really not that.”

“Irv has flat-out lied about a lot of things,” Ashanti continued. “It’s weird. It’s very weird when you know you’re lying and you just keep lying. That’s where it becomes a little scary and a little mental.”


Later in the interview, she added that she believes he wishes death on her and denied that her track “Happy” came after a sexual encounter.

“I’m trying to figure out, like, what made him even say that,” she told Angie Martinez. “Was I there? I’m confused. I don’t remember this at all. I wrote ‘Happy’ in the parking lot of a C.W. Post college. I was actually on the way to see The Nutcracker with my aunt and my cousins in my 626 Mazda.”

As previously reported this is the second time that Ashanti’s addressed Irv Gotti. She previously did so on Diddy’s “Gotta Move On” remix featuring Yung Miami and Bryson Tiller.

“It’s giving obsessed, it’s giving you stressed/It’s giving you pressed, it’s giving this n***a missing the best/but it’s been 20 years, please cry less/we can see you and your tears…” said Ashanti on the song.



Watch Ashanti blast Irv Gotti on Angie Martinez’s podcast below.