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Social media is currently buzzing over a Real Housewives of Potomac preview that shows Candiace Dillard making an allegation about Michael Darby’s bedroom behavior. “You wanted smoke, so here!” said the defiant singer to his estranged wife Ashley Darby.

Candiace Vs Ashley Vs Michael

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As previously reported, on Sunday’s #RHOP episode Dr. Wendy Osefo hosted a “burn session” so the housewives could take accountability for potentially hurting each other before burning away their transgressions. Things spiraled out of control however after Robyn Dixon took offense to Osefo’s claims that she had to be restrained from attacking her.

Additionally, Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard butted heads over claims that Candiace’s husband Chris acted inappropriately with one of Ashley’s friends.

"Real Housewives Of Potomac" Premiere Party

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Ashley Darby Tells Candiace Dillard That Chris Bassett Flirted, Sent DMs To Other Women

Despite the two ladies seemingly working on rebuilding their friendship, Ashley who previously revealed that Chris DMed her, alleged that Chris flirted with her friend at a bar.

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The allegation pissed off Candiace who wondered why Ashely didn’t reveal the info when she recently visited her at her house.

“You don’t have enough going on in your own lives so you want to bring drama to my door,” said Candiace. “This is now the third time someone is coming to me in the group to tell me some bulls*** about my husband.”

Candiace was referring to Mia Thornton alleging that Chris was staring at her at a recent party [Mia recently clarified that she meant staring in a “non-sexual” way] and Gizelle Bryant claiming that Chris made her “uncomfortable.” 

“Chris is not doing any of these—he’s not doing these things,” said Candiace.

“Just remember the pendulum always swings the other way,” retorted Ashley defiantly. “It doesn’t feel good, huh?”

‘It comes from a place of vindictiveness, nastiness and evilness,” replied Candiace. “You’re a lying a** vindictive b****!”

While wondering if Candiace would just “turn a blind eye”, Ashely also alleged that Chris DMed other people, and the chats weren’t as “innocent or innocuous” as the DM he sent to her.

Unfortunately for Ashley however, her allegations came with a price—and Candiace was MORE than ready to pay it.

Candiace Dillard Alleges That Michael Darby Is Having Sexual Contact With A Man

In a continuation of the burn session, Candiace is seen getting the upper hand on Ashley with claims that her estranged husband Michael Darby is secretly seeing a man.

“Ashley your husband likes to leave you and go to a man named [redacted’s] house and suck his d***,” says Candiace cooly.

“Oh, are you veering off the path?” asks Ashley. ‘Is this deflection?”

“So let’s not, ’cause Chris ain’t sucking no d***,” adds a stone-faced Candiace.


In a confessional Candiace adds that she “wasn’t supposed to talk about this person” but says the unknown man claims that Michael is a “client” of his.

“That’s what yo a** get, you wanted smoke—so here!” says Candiace referring to Ashley.

Not only did Candiace drop that bomb, but she went on to confront Gizelle Bryant over those still lingering uncomfortable claims.

Candaice Vs. Gizelle: The Real Housewives of Potomac

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When Gizelle tried to double down on her allegations, Candiace shut her down and put her ex-friend on blast.

“You could have called me and you didn’t because you wanted to wait for an opportunity to do it on a platform that would cause the most hurt to someone who has not been nothing but kind to you,” said Candiace. “You are the reason that people that can’t come forward with sexual assault allegations.”

Take a look at Candiace Vs. Ashley and Candiace Vs. Gizelle below. 

As you can imagine Bravo watchers are up in arms about the moment and wondering what will happen next. Some, however, believe that Candice’s comments had homophobic undertones…

while others are pointing out that Michael Darby, who Ashely is currently separating from, has been accused of cheating and also of groping men.

Michael Darby Groping And Cheating Allegations Previously Surfaced

In 2018 Michael Darby was criminally charged with sexual assault and misdemeanor improper sexual contact for allegedly grabbing the behind of a male #RHOP cameraman.

"Real Housewives Of Potomac" Premiere Party

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Despite the charges being dropped due to insufficient evidence, Ashley’s castmates accused Darby of groping Real Housewives of Potomac producers and also grabbing the butt of Bravo boss Andy Cohen.

Back in season 1, Gizelle raised her concerns about Michael’s sexuality to Ashley after seeing him “squeezing” the butt of Katie Rost’s boyfriend Andrew Martin. Ashley Darby defended her husband and called the incident a “joke.”

On season 4 of #RHOP, Robyn Dixon said that Darby made a comment about oral sex involving her partner Juan Dixon. Ashley vehemently denied the allegations.

“I just don’t understand why everyone is so fixated on trying to make Michael look like he’s gay. He’s not gay. … He doesn’t hook up with guys,” she said.


On season 5 of #RHOP, Darby admitted to “doing something her regrets” after he was photographed in a hotel room with a woman. Ashley filed for a post-nuptial agreement following the scandal.


What do YOU think about this latest bit of #RHOP messiness? Will YOU be watching on Sunday?


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