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Monique Samuels might be explaining her actions on The Real Housewives of Potomac, but she’s NOT here for someone’s shade.

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After that super messy winery fight between her and Candiace, Monique was seen on the latest episode of #RHOP sitting down with the ladies to recap what happened.

During the sitdown at Karen Huger’s house, Monique faced the entire cast sans Candiace and tearfully said she “blacked out” during the “embarrassing” brawl.

 “There is no explanation behind what happened,” said Monique. “I’m not here to bash Candiace. I just want to talk about myself. What y’all saw is not who I am. Not only am I embarrassed — I’m ashamed of myself for my actions, for even letting anybody get under my skin to a point where I would react that way.

[…] “A glass goes into my face [and] I get to swinging. I completely blacked out. The last thing I remember is one of the producers in my ear yelling, ‘Monique let go.’ As the days go by, I’m starting to remember pieces that happened. At the end of the whole thing, I hear [Candiace’s] voice, still yelling… I need to take a step back and look at myself and make sure I’m always in control.”

Unfortunately for her several of the ladies weren’t buying it especially Gizelle Bryant who brought a security guard for her “safety” before storming out and rambling in a confessional about herself and her reconciled husband Pastor Jamal Bryant “having an image to protect.” Gizelle also agreed with Dr. Wendy that the fight “perpetuated negative black women stereotypes.”

“I have zero respect for you. You are a liability. I by no means want to be anywhere near you,” said Gizelle to an unbothered Monique.

Like SEVERAL people on social media…

Monique responded to Gizelle’s “negative portrayal of black women”/”image to protect” comments.


The housewife was a guest on Watch What Happens Live and she scoffed at “First Lady” Gizelle saying such a thing.

“We’re not the only ethnicity that has human moments, that has moments where we may get physical,” said Monique to Andy Cohen. “We’ve seen that on housewife shows. As far as Gizelle she constantly brings people down with her comments, she’s supposed to be a First Lady but she acts like a Last Lady.”


She’s also scoffing at someone saying she’s not a role model to her daughter.

That’s not all, however, it looks like Monique is getting support from a fellow housewife from a different franchise.

Hit the flip.

Interestingly enough, #RHOA housewife Porsha Williams seemingly has Monique’s back.

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen - Season 16

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The Real Housewife of Atlanta who’s a cohost of Bravo’s Chat Room told her costars (that include RHOP’s Gizelle Bryant) that after her blowup with Kenya Moore at an RHOA Reunion, it was necessary for her to go to anger management. And although it might not be necessary for Monique, she’s glad that the housewife owned up to her actions.

“I went to anger management because I needed to go at the time,” said Porsha. “The first thing they tell you is that this is not about your anger, it’s you being able to control and be aware of what you’re feeling. Nobody’s perfect, we all do crazy stuff and I think it’s hard to judge someone on one situation.”

She also responded to a question about people comparing her fight with Kenya to Monique and Candiace’s winery dust-up. According to Porsha she felt “provoked” in that situation. If you can recall, Monique said she felt provoked during her fisticuffs as well.

“Any type of altercation they’re gonna compare,” said Porsha. “In my situation, I felt provoked. Monique, she may feel that way as well, I feel like in her case it kind of built up. I feel like we shouldn’t judge her.”

Gizelle then countered that the comparison between Porsha and Kenya’s fight to Monique’s kerfuffle isn’t “equivalent” because Porsha was apologetic and Monique has “yet to apologize.” According to Porsha, it doesn’t matter.

“Monique’s process is Monique’s process, do you if she know if she texted to her till now? How do you know [that she didn’t apologize]?”

Sounds like somebody’s #TeamMonique which makes sense. The two have a friendship and Monique even attended Porsha’s baby shower.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha's Having a Baby - Season 1

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What do YOU think about Porsha defending Monique???

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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