#RHOP: Chris & Candiace Don't Think Gizelle Is Owed An Apology

#RHOP: Candiace & Chris Double Down On Not Apologizing To Gizelle Amid Her ‘Uncomfortable’ Accusations—‘For What?!’

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Despite a #RHOP couple agreeing that Gizelle Bryant is owed an apology for a moment that made her feel “uncomfortable”, Mr. and Mrs. Bassett think a mea culpa is out of the question.

Chris Bassett x Candiace Dillard

Source: Heidi Gutman / Bravo

On Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Candiace Dillard celebrated getting her MBA from Howard University with a party at her home. During the celebration, she pulled Karen Huger to the side to apologize for a messy moment when she hinted that Karen was “sneaking out of town” to cheat on her husband, Ray Huger.


As previously reported during the cast trip to Miami, Ashley Darby accused Candiace of gossiping about Karen and brought up the “out of town” accusation. Candiace vehemently denied making the comment, but #RHOP producers played a clip of her saying it. Several people pointed out that the housewife was seemingly quoting Charrisse Jackson Jordan, but Candy still owned up and said she was sorry.

“I was being messy, and being drunk with a demon,” admitted Candiace at her party. “My bad, I love you and Ray, ya’ll are in these streets together,” she added to Karen who easily accepted her apology and hugged her.

“When you own your s***, I’m okay with you,” said Karen during a confessional. “This is not enough to end it, but I’m watching you.”



Speaking of apologies, Karen’s husband Ray actually suggested that Candiace’s husband Chris should follow suit and issue an apology of his own—-but the #RHOP hubby wasn’t having it.

Ray Huger Thinks Chris Bassett Should Apologize to Gizelle Bryant

While their wives were chatting, Ray Huger had a conversation with Chris Bassett about an allegation that Gizelle Bryant about him. Earlier in the season, Gizelle alleged that during the last #RHOP reunion, Candiace’s hubby made her “feel completely uncomfortable”, in her hotel room.

Chris Bassett x Candiace x Gizelle

Source: Bravo / Shannon Finney

Gizelle couldn’t recall anything inappropriate that Bassett said or did when they were alone, but insisted he might have been trying to be a “sneaky link” who wanted to see if “she was with it.”

Candiace has since said that Gizelle is “dead to her” and Chris called the housewife “miserable.”

According to Ray, however, instead of being angry about Gizelle’s accusation—it would just be easier for Chris to take the high road and apologize.

“I  was just trying to help Gizelle understand how Candiace communicates so they might communicate better,” said Chris about what happened during the “uncomfortable” moment with Gizelle. “At the end of the day your feelings are your feelings, if she was uncomfortable, she was uncomfortable—but it wasn’t because of anything I did.”

“What about you taking the higher level and apologize to her because it was a misunderstanding,” suggested Ray.

“Apologize for what, Ray?!” responded Chris before walking away. “I didn’t do anything.”

In a confessional, Chris and his wife doubled down about not apologizing.

“I still feel like I”m admitting to something that I did wrong, and I stand by the fact that I did absolutely nothing wrong,” said Chris about the possibility of apologizing.

“Let’s say they do meet and they talk, we don’t know what else Gizelle is gonna say,” added Candiace.

Watch the moment at 1:15 below.


Karen Huger Thinks Chris Bassett Should Apologize to Gizelle Bryant

After the episode aired, Karen Huger appeared on Watch What Happens Live alongside former #RHOA star Eva Marcille.

Eva suggested that Chris Bassett shouldn’t apologize to Gizelle Bryant if he doesn’t feel sincerely sorry about what went down, but Karen disagreed.

“I have to side with Ray, he’s my husband, he went out on a limb,” said Karen. “He wanted him to apologize for her taking it the wrong way, no guilt implied. Just for her feelings, you know?”




What do YOU think? Does Chris Bassett owe Gizelle Bryant an apology? He DEFINITELY doesn’t think so.


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