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The 10th season of Married To Medicine might prove to be the most exciting yet amid news of a BIG cast shakeup.

Perennial people’s champ Phaedra Parks is indeed joining the cast while Dr. Contessa Metcalfe and Anila Sajja are both out.

Phaedra Contessa Anila

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Not only that, but Dr. Gregory Luceford, the ex-husband of Miss Quad, is reportedly back for another season alongside his new fiancée.

The news first broke on superproducer Carlos King’s Reality With The King podcast where he divulged details about the show’s forthcoming tenth season.

“Two people on Married to Medicine won’t be back on the upcoming season of the show because one person doesn’t want to come back and the other person allegedly was fired,” said King.

He continued and re-confirmed his previous report that former Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks will join Married To Medicine alongside her unnamed doctor boo.

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“Phaedra has always been talked about to appear back on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and we won’t have to go into detail as to why she’s not back on,” said King.


“Phaedra is special, Phaedra is great television and that left people thinking, we have this star and we know this star more than likely us unable to appear on this show that made her a household name. So that leads to Phaedra being approached to appear on Married To Medicine because she is dating a doctor.”

He then went on to reveal that Phaedra will be brought on the show by her friend Miss Quad…

and he added that a cast shakeup happened to make room for her.

That cast shakeup was the departure of Dr. Contessa Metcalfe…

and the firing of Anila Sajja.


“Phaedra ain’t cheap,” said Carlos King on Reality With The King. “She’s a staple in reality television. So in order to afford Phaedra, you have to get rid of some people. Allegedly, two people from Married to Medicine won’t be back on the upcoming season of the show.

I’m not gonna name names as to who fits what category [but] Allegedly Contessa and Anila will not come back to the upcoming season of Married To Medicine. 

“I thought Contessa fit like a glove when it comes to the rest of the cast members and word on the street is that allegedly she doesn’t want to come back because she wants to do other things. Now with Anila, I’m said this from day one, Anila never made sense to me. The math wasn’t mathing. And the match wasn’t matching and the cast wasn’t casting.”

Contessa Metcalfe Confirms Her Departure

After news broke about her departure, Dr. Contessa Metcalfe confirmed the reports to LoveBScott and also spoke on the news surrounding Phaedra Parks and Anila Saja.


“I decided to quit after last season,” she told B. Scott exclusively. “I needed a break because it wasn’t highlighting me as a [doctor] or as a mom…Plus it’s been 5 years! I’m sick of cussing and crying.”

When asked her thoughts on former ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Phaedra Parks’ joining the cast, Contessa said she thinks Phaedra will be a “fun addition.”

“I think Phaedra – who’s my neighbor – is going to be a fun addition,” she said.

As for other cast member Anila Sajja’s departure, Contessa admitted they don’t really speak outside of the show — but added she didn’t think Anila “was a good fit anyway.”

Contessa also told The Reality Rundown that she’s focused on her goal of becoming the surgeon general of the United States.

That’s not all, however.

There’s more Married To Medicine news to report, hit the flip for that.

Carlos King Details Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s Married To Medicine Return

On his Reality With The King podcast, Carlso King detailed the news of Dr. Gregory Lunceford appearing on the show alongside his wife-to-be.

As previously reported Lunceford is the ex of Miss Quad and their divorce was finalized in 2019…

"Married To Medicine" Season 2 Premiere

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and now Dr. G is engaged to a woman named Tea whom he popped the question to in September.

Dr. G also at one point dated Phaedra Parks, revealed Carlos King.

“Now here’s the kicker girls and guys, Quad’s ex-husband Dr. G has remarried and allegedly his wife is coming on the show. Baby, y’all better resurrect Married To Medidicne! That is genius, Phaedr and Dr. G used to date, they’re old college friends. Phaedra and Quad are firends courtesy of Dr. G. Dr. G and Quad are exes. ”


“So Quad has to be around Quad’s new wife which also means Quad has to be around Dr. G which also means that Phaedra has to the be buffer. Phaedra, Dr. G, Ms. Quad and Dr. G’s wife? If that’s what I’m getting? Chile, y’all can also get rid fo Dr. Simone if that’s the case! Make room for this storyline! It is going to be fantastic!”

Quad reportedly has no issue with Dr. G’s new love and congratulated the couple amid news of their engagement.

“Just beautiful congratulations. May God bless you both with all the desires of your hearts,” wrote the Married To Medicine star.

What do YOU think about this big Married To Medicine cast shakeup?

Married To Medicine

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Will YOU be watching season 10?

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