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Jordin Sparks’ controversial national anthem performance at the Big 12 Tournament ignited a firestorm of opinions. Either Jordin’s voice has lost its “spark,” or it was simply one bad night.

Jordin Sparks singing at the the National Anthem at the Big 12 Tournament Championship Game between Texas v Kansas

Source: Jamie Squire / Getty

The American Idol winner’s national anthem performance is being compared to Fergie’s at The Staples Center, which has been dubbed one of the worst renditions ever.

Now, we all know Jordin can blow. She has proven her stellar vocal abilities on tracks like “Tattoo,” “Battlefield,” and “No Air” featuring Chris Brown. The 33-year-old’s voice has even made her a multi-platinum certified Artist.

So, what happened?

As the Arizona native sang our country’s song, the high notes kept falling short. She was frequently off-key and “pitchy,” as American Idol’s former judge, Randy Jackson, would say.

Social Media Drags Jordin Sparks’ National Anthem With Comparisons To Fergie

The innanet took no time to give their take on the mom of one’s vocal performance.

One Twitter user joked,

“Jordan Sparks definitely had no air singing the national anthem…”

Someone else noted she may have been under the weather.

“Jordan Sparks….baby….I just know something happened. Was there no tea or cough drops?”

Someone else humorously agreed, stating the singer’s allergies may have been to blame.

“Sounds like that pollen kicking Jordin Sparks a** ain’t it voice squeaking and cracking #Big12Championship

Another user came to her defense.

“Let’s not act like Jordin sparks can’t sing ok my girl can really blow”

One user noted that the spirit of extraness got Jordin in this debacle.

“I always say if people just sang the national anthem simple and straightforward, instead of trying to make it a vocal riff off competition, there would be less moments like Jordin Sparks and Fergie.”

One fan tweeted,

“I saw Jordin Sparks trending & I thought people were exaggerating about her singing the national anthem…until I saw the video. I still love Jordin Sparks but that performance was…”

Another user said Jordan is unequivocally not on the level of Miss Lady Lumps.

“Don’t Compare Jordin Sparks National Anthem to Fergie Yo… First of All Fergie Just Sound Every Bad Like She Was in Pain. Jordin Sparks National Anthem Just Sound like Her Mic Was Bad and Missed Up High The Notes But Still Did Good Job that’s Was Better Than Fergie Period.”

The story of Fergie’s national anthem tragedy begins in 2018 at the NBA All-Star game. The crowd was scattered with superstars, including “the Artist of our life,” Beyoncé.

As “The Dutchess” belted out a jazzy rendition of the anthem, both players and game attendees giggled throughout the arena. NBA point forward Steph Curry and Chi-Town native Chance The Rapper could not compose their laughter.

Fergie apologized after the performance stating she “tried her best.”

“I’ve always been honored and proud to perform the national anthem and last night I wanted to try something special for the NBA. I’m a risk taker artistically, but clearly this rendition didn’t strike the intended tone. I love this country and honestly tried my best.”

The former Black-Eyed Pea did not perform live again until 2022 at the MTV VMAs. Fans say her performance was nearly flawless.


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