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The White House addressed Shanquella Robinson’s “devastating” death after a letter demanding “swift justice” for her killer.

Shanquella Robinson

Source: Shanquella Robinson via Instagram / Instagram

The Robinson family has enough answers to know which frenemy of Shanquella’s caused her death. That doesn’t provide much peace, knowing her killer continues to walk free. Earlier this week, the family’s attorneys, Ben Crump and Sue-Ann Robinson (no relation), wrote a letter asking President Biden to take action. WCNC reports the White House finally addressed Shanquella’s death publicly.

Crump and Robinson named the 26-year-old murder suspect in the letter to Biden, questioning the government’s inaction. They also mailed an 18-page packet, including autopsy reports and unreleased documents from law enforcement. Not even Mexico’s arrest warrant for femicide in November led to getting Shanquella’s killer off the streets.

“In our letter to President Biden and Secretary Blinken, we clearly stated that one of two things needs to happen: either the U.S. extradites Shanquella’s killer to Mexico or the U.S. takes jurisdiction of the case, and her killer is prosecuted her,” Crump said.

“Inaction is not acceptable in this case. Shanquella’s family deserves swift justice for her death.”

The White House Responded To The Robinson Family’s Demands For Justice

On Thursday, the White House held a press conference to address the high-profile international murder case finally.

“Let me just first say our hearts go out to Miss Robinson’s family and friends. It is devastating what occurred,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.

Although the FBI narrowed down a suspect, Jean-Pierre said they’re still investigating. She claims there is not much the White House can publicly say or do while the FBI and Department of Justice continue to work. This kind of excuse after the government sprang into action for tourists kidnapped in Mexico prompted the letter in the first place.

“Because there is an FBI investigation underway, there’s very little that we can say,” Jean-Pierre explained. ” We got to, as you know, are very be careful about criminal investigations or any investigations that are currently happening through DOJ in this, or in this particular case, the FBI.

The Robinson family has been more than patient after Shanquella’s friends and even the U.S. government initially dismissed concerns about her death. At first, it seemed like the so-called friends, who initially blamed alcohol poisoning on Shanquella’s death, allegedly got away with murder. They had received no explanation for the broken neck on the autopsy report until a leaked video of a woman beating Shanquella went viral. Her mother even thanked social media for keeping applying pressure to get answers and justice.

” I would refer you to the State Department as it relates to another country and the diplomatic conversations that occur there,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

“If they wanted to, they would” isn’t just annoying relationship advice recycled on social media. It also applies to when and how the government shows up for its citizens. No one is asking Biden to go full Trump and break all the rules, but has the government really done everything in its power to get justice for Shanquella Robinson?


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