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J. Cole - 2022 Lollapalooza - Day 3

J. Cole Source: Josh Brasted / Getty

J. Cole gives a rare interview stopping by ESPN’s Bob Myers ‘Lead By Example’ and reveals he’s envious of people living ‘peaceful’ lives.

Next weekend fans from all over the world will travel to Raleigh North Carolina to enjoy J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival. Cole is always out of the spotlight when he isn’t in his album cycle so this reconnection with fans is long overdue. Fans will be treated to a night of him and Drake co-headlining the festival with some amazing opening acts.

If the festival wasn’t enough J. Cole even sat down for his first interview in a very long time. Cole sat with the Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers for his podcast Lead By Example. The unexpected interview is great because it’s not focused on the typical album talk. Instead, it focused on life and philosophy. One interesting part of the podcast was Jermaine revealing he’s jealous of those who aren’t chasing a dream.

“You know what I’m envious of, too? To that point,” said Cole. “The way that I said is valid to someone who wants to live that life, but I also think another valid way to live is, yo. I’m envious of people who don’t have a strong desire or strong vision.” Cole continued. “They live a peaceful life and an enjoyable life. And it’s like, ‘Yo, I go to work, I like my job, I like my salary. I’m not stupid rich, but I love my family, I come home. Life is amazing.’ And they live their life like that.”

“I think that that is just as valid, I think they’re equally valid,” he said of both worlds. “And I don’t think, you know, I don’t think anyone should feel—’cause I’ve come across people that maybe… ‘Cause we live in a very like, we live in a society and a culture that pushes.”

“It’s like a hustle culture, work hard, boom boom boom. I think people could feel almost guilty or insufficient for not having some great dream to dream. And I’m like, no. It’s a blessing to be satisfied, to be at peace, to be content with life.”

The podcast was a great conversation to let people know more about the actual person behind the mic and brand. Elsewhere in the interview, the two gushed over their love for basketball, Cole’s creative process, and being snubbed at the Grammys.



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