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SZA’s definitely got reason to be ‘Conceited’… The Jersey-bred beauty is one of the cover stars of the newest issue of CR Fashion Book.

SZA for CR Fashion Book Issue 22

Source: Nick Riley Bentham / CR Fashion Book

The St. Louis-born singer also known as Solána Imani Rowe is featured in a fashion spread photographed by Nick Riley Bentham. The article discusses SZA’s self-described neurosis, her ability to express emotion on her records, and how her music explores themes of polyamory and personal entanglements.

Check out some key quotes below:

On Her Neurosis:

“I’m just neurotic about everything. I’m neurotic, and I have a lot of anxiety.”

These days who doesn’t have anxiety? Especially as an artist/performer. We think it’s good that everyone is becoming more comfortable talking about dealing with anxiety. Do you relate to SZA more or understand her better now knowing she believes she’s neurotic?

SZA for CR Fashion Book Issue 22

Source: Nick Riley Bentham / CR Fashion Book

On Humanity:

“It’s hard to not have a scarcity mindset when everything is so fu**ing scarce down to eggs and everything else. Jobs are scarce. Food is scarce. And now, I think, humanity is scarce. We’re fu**ing with humanity now. We need to take a break from hyper criticism and give everyone a break from projecting our anger in the comments section.”

Points were definitely made here. It also seems like SZA might want to avoid reading the comments section — but we feel her on these points.

SZA for CR Fashion Book Issue 22

Source: Nick Riley Bentham / CR Fashion Book

On Following in Kelis ’Footsteps:

“There was no one that looked like her and [also] thought like I did. And I think now we know people like Kelis exist. So, looking at her growing up, I was like, wow, I am that.”

Now, this comes as no surprise. Kelis definitely stepped out from the gate with a very STRONG personality and sense of style that many women gravitated towards. Did you love Kelis when you first became aware of her as well?

On Her Mother:

“She is definitely more conservative than I am.”

“But I still thought [her clothing] was cool because it was thrift, and things that come from places with culture and history are more important than a name brand. And I think that was taught to me through my mom, because I love all of her…like a small copper ring that she got from Nigeria. And she would add it to her outfit, and it just made so much more sense than anything that she could have purchased here, and I’m like, damn, okay, I get it. It’s energy, it’s all just energy. That’s what makes them fly.”

We wanna see Mama SZA! We believe she definitely laid the blueprint as far as flyness and introducing her amazing daughter to culture beyond the mainstream.

SZA for CR Fashion Book Issue 22

Source: Nick Riley Bentham / CR Fashion Book

On Her Future:

“I feel like designing is in my nature. And I’m gonna continue to do that.”

Are y’all signing up to buy SZA’s designs? We definitely see ourselves putting some thangs in the cart if SZA has a good sale.

CR Fashion Book Issue 22 and CR MEN Issue 16 will hit global newsstands on April 13.


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