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Kandi’s commenting on the stressful dynamics of being in a girl group amid the ongoing drama surrounding the 90s R&B quartet she’s in.


Source: Bravo

The songstress/Real Housewife of Atlanta was a recent guest on the Small Doses with Amanda Seales podcast and she dished on all things Xscape including their origin story and current situation that’s airing on television.

According to Kandi who appeared on Seales’ “Side Effects of Girl Group Dynamics” episode, she’s grown exponentially since joining Xscape when she was in high school and she’s proud of the progress they’ve made.

She agreed with Seales however that the group compromised of herself, Tiny Harris, Tamika Scott, and LaTocha Scott should probably talk to a professional to get on the same page.


Source: Bravo

As previously reported Kandi and LaTocha have been trading singing shade, and LaTocha’s battling her sister Tamika’s allegations that she stole $30,000.

Kandi admitted that she doesn’t go to therapy and, at first, was hesitant to see Seales’ point that it’s necessary.

“It’s not as easy as you make it,” said Kandi. “As a group? No [we haven’t gone to therapy.] “

According to Kandi, she had a triggering therapy session between her and Mama Joyce that turned her off from counseling.

“I did try to do therapy once with my mom,” said Kandi. “And then she started cussing me out and stopped talking to me for two weeks. It didn’t work, she didn’t want to go back.”

After some coaxing from Seales however, Kandi considered the host’s point that “all Black people need therapy” because of the trauma that we carry in our DNA.

“That’s our problem, we have these arguments, we have these fights and we just brush things under the rug to just do the show or get the show done,” said Kandi about Xscape. “That’s where the therapy would’ve helped, right?”

Still, Kandi said that therapy won’t always fix certain situations.

“When I know that you’ve done something wrong to me, I shouldn’t have to deal with you anymore,” said Kandi on Small Doses with Amanda Seales. “I don’t give a damn about the therapy. Certain things—especially when the other person doesn’t own it, it’s hard to discuss, it’s hard to get past.”


Later in the conversation, she also spoke about women letting men interfere with a girl group’s business and cautioned against it. Her comments come in the wake of her saying on SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B that someone’s husband/manager was their “brain.” 

“Don’t let men get in the middle of the business, said Kandi on Small Doses with Amanda Seales.I don’t think nobody’s man should be managing anything in the group. Nobody’s significant other should be in the group’s business because they got you thinking that you’re better than the rest of the group, they’re thinking for self, themselves, and you, maybe.”

“That’s it, [mostly] their selves though,” she added. “It’s definitely a conflict of interest so I personally would say stay away from that.”

Seales then added a caveat to the conversation and noted that a relationship could infringe upon business responsibilities and Kandi agreed.

“They may start getting all lovey-dovey with somebody and they drop everything they’re supposed to be doing. That is so annoying,  said Kandi. ” I tell women that in business, period. You gotta be about your bag the same way men are about their bag.”


That is so anonoying to me in any business, we gotta be just as much about our bag and our money as they do.

See more highlights from Kandi’s appearance on Small Doses with Amanda Seales on the flip.

On Xscape’s surprising breakup being a blessing for Kandi’s songwriting career: 

“I was very dependent on my group when I was younger, I thought my world revolved around us being a group. Hindsight being what it is, I am so glad that she dediced that she wanted to go soloa and that it did result in what it resulted in. It would have been a lot longer before I branched out and tried other things. ”


“We were touring after our second album and while we were on the tour different people were saying, ‘Oh, she’s about to go solo’ and we had a group meeting and she’s [Latocha] like, ‘No, but when I do decide, I’ll let y’all know.'”

On Xscape’s girl group tension amid outside influences: 

“I always used to feel like they [the group members] were against me all the time and that’s when we were young. We always had something, drama. I don’t know what really clicked for her [LaTocha] but I feel like outside influences have a lot to do with things as well. It may be significant others come in and they start dropping things in your head making you feel like, ‘I don’t need them.'” A lot of little things started happening.”

On LaTocha Scott’s growing ego back in the day: 

“When we first came out we were not supposed to be the cutest or the fine girls, we were supposed to be from ’round the way.  And then she really started getting into herself and losing weight which is a good thing but then more of an ego came with it too.

[She would say] “‘I want a separate dressing room, I’m not doing this with y’all anymore.'”

On things discussed on Xscape’s Bravo show:

“It comes up that allegedly somebody was taking money. One of the [other] issues was about somebody getting side money from one of the promoters, and that was something we learned during the course of filming the show. It was multiple things.

“So one thing came out because they were upset and they started talking about something that happened that everyone knew but never really discussed, and the other thing was something that we learned about throughout the course of the show.”


Your favorite truth teller, comedian, Amanda Seales, is dropping gems with, “Small Doses,” a weekly podcast that brings you potent truths for everyday use. Click here for the latest episodes!

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