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The never-ending Kandi Koated beef with Tamar continues, but the Xscape singer set the record straight on how it all started.

Tamar x Kandi x Todd

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Kandi Burruss and Tamar Braxton have exchanged another round of shade and shots at each other over their backstage kerfuffle. We all know Kandi doesn’t play about her money and her man and the Queens of R&B star and her husband, Todd Tucker, clapped back at Tamar and her “dating show contestant” for allegedly misspeaking on both.

As previously reported Tamar alleged that an argument between them escalated to threats flying including one from Todd Tucker who said “you know what it is.”

On Kandi’s Speak On It”  YouTube series, however, she said Tamar was the only one looking for a fight and that she started the drama before that argument.

“Tamar and I, yes, we had words. When I first saw her, no I was not having any intention on having beef with Tamar. Okay? That was not my intent. My plan was to just say ‘hey,’ and keep it pushing,” Kandi said.

“What she did not say to you guys was she had already unfollowed me on social media. I know she has you guys thinking that I was upset about the Dish Nation interview. That’s not what my issue was,” she continued.

The Grammy winner acknowledged that messy questions come with the territory of doing interviews. Her issue was doubling down on a business dispute that had nothing to do with Tamar.

Kandi recalled some of the conversation “got very aggressive in the way we were talking to each other.”

She said Tamar went off when Kandi compared her shade to publicly siding against Tamar in her past disagreement with WeTV.

“When she started doing all that, yeah, I started flipping,” Kandi admitted.

That’s when Todd stepped in, not to bully Tamar as she claimed, but to help Kandi de-escalate, said the housewife. She included clips of Todd pulling up to “woosah” her temper away during beefs with her fellow housewives and said that day was no different.

“He was like, ‘Kandi, stop! You already know what it is. Stop!’ That’s what he was saying to me. He was not saying it to her,” she explained about the alleged threats.

See why Kandi says Tamar’s “dating show contestant” checking Todd is “fake news” after the flip.

Kandi Wants Tamar And Her “Dating Show Contestant” To Stay Out Of Her Business

Kandi said on “Speak On It” that Tamar was the only one here for drama and should’ve stayed out of her business.

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She thought Tamar would relate after taking it personally that fellow celebs continued appearing on The Real after the talk show fired her.

“It was a business issue for me. I felt like she didn’t need to be involved in it. Simple as that,” Kandi said.

The Bravo star also shut down the claims that Tamar’s man Jeremy Robinson checked Todd, calling it “fake news.”

“Miss me with the BS, okay? Then your contestant on your dating show, he wants to come on with his fake news. Fake news! Y’all, he didn’t check nobody. I don’t know why y’all are sitting up here believing that.

Todd Tells His Side Of The Story, Says “Nobody Checked” Him About Tamar

Just like the alleged threat, Todd says the story about Tamar’s new boo checking him was an exaggeration. In fact, he was already friendly with Jeremy “JR” Robinson before their Queens Court love connection.

Queens Court

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Despite JR’s tough talk later calling him a “coward,” Todd said he didn’t have that same energy in person. According to Todd, if JR believed the narrative about threatening or trying to fight Tamar, “homie would’ve been coming a little differently.”

Todd claims he calmly explained to JR how the misunderstanding happened and that he’s always been cool with Tamar.

“Homie, he didn’t have no problem with that ,” Todd said. “I never said that to [Tamar], I said that to my wife.

The men were so chill they were ready to help mediate a resolution with their ladies and “clear this sh*t up,” which somehow upset Tamar even more.

“We walk over like grown men and we just had a discussion and everything is cool. She started flaring and cursing, then I’m like, ‘I’m not dealing with this sh*t,’ and I walk away,” Todd detailed.

“Nobody checked me. I looked embarrassed? I had nothing to be embarrassed about,” he continued.

See what Tamar, Kandi, and Twitter said about the last episode of Speak On It after the flip.

Both Kandi And Tamar Stood Ten Toes Down, Continuing The Beef Online

Tamar Braxton and Kandi Burruss

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Kandi repeated the same explanation online to fans concerned about Tamar’s allegations.

“Todd didn’t walk up on her tho. Your making up narratives. He was pulling me away,” Kandi tweeted.

Tamar clapped back about “the lies” in the quotes.

“At some point you need to get help for the lies you tell. It really makes no sense at this point. Just own it, apologize and move on. Y’all sat there and made a whole skit up. It happened. You can’t change it. Y’all are bullies and you just tried to bulky someone that don’t care,” she responded.

One thing about the comments, they were not on Tamar’s side. The consensus was that she likely blew unnecessary shade and a misunderstanding way out of proportion.

Tamar took to Instagram to defend herself and her “problematic” past, saying she has “zero to gain” from lying.

“Tired of people lying on me. Yes, I USED to be problematic… USED to be filled with drama… USED to be a lot of things… & it’s also a lot that I’ve owned up to… and because it’s been the narrative for so long, when people do things TO YOU, that’s what they go to because it works,” Tamar posted to her Stories.

“I’m sorry, but there are times when I give myself permission for standing up for myself. I’m not a liar. I have ZERO to gain. We are done here.”


Yikes! Which reality TV couple do you believe?

Todd and Kandi…

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or Tamar and her “dating show contestant” JR?

Queens Court

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