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Things have gone from bad to worse for two sister songstresses, and one of them is releasing screenshots to back up her claims.

Latocha Scott x Tamika Scott

Source: Phylicia J.L. Munn / Bravo

Tamika Scott has produced screenshots in hopes of proving her allegation that LaTocha Scott stole $30,000 in royalties from her. Not only that but she’s exposing an anonymous text she says threatened to expose her sex tape. She also says that Tiny Harris and Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker were threatened in the text which she believes is linked to her sibling.


Source: Phylicia J.L. Munn / Bravo

As previously reported the Xscape songstresses have been going back and forth amid Tamika’s allegation that her sister and her brother-in-law Rocky Bivens stole her royalty checks by sending them to their home and forging her signature.

LaTocha has vehemently denied the allegations and most recently told Cocktails With Queens that her sister might be fabricating things for a storyline on their Bravo show.

“My thing is, was this for a storyline? Or is this real life?” said LaTocha. “Because in real life, me and my sister, we talk. And you talking about 10 years ago and I’m calling you, and if somebody accuses you of something, they should be able to talk to you about it. It’s not even about the $30,000. It’s about having my sister back. Like, I’ll give you that! But at the end of the day, you need to talk to me.””

After seeing her sister’s interview, Tamika Scott took to Instagram and YouTube to release what she claims is evidence of her “evil” sister’s stealing.

“God knows I didn’t want to do this,” Tamika captioned a post. “Sis, you’re sitting on all your interviews saying I’m looking for a storyline and attention knowing y’all stole my money!! And for your husband to call Sprint acting like he was my ex husband with my social security getting the passcode to my phone and changing it in 2006, Getting access to my text messages, pictures, and videos and trying to extort me!!!!”

She continued,

“Oh yeah all of this is documented! Y’all are EVIL!!!!! The other day you said on @foxsoul Coctails With Queens you were going to give me my 30K you stole so you need to keep your word!! Run me my check!!! I’m tired!!

On her YouTube channel, she then unleashed on LaTocha in an 18-minute long video.

Hit the flip to see Tamika’s alleged proof including texts threatening her and even at one point, Todd Tucker.

A fed-up Tamika Scott kicked off her video addressing her sister’s claims that she’s owed an apology from her because she’s “lying.”

“She’s not gonna get an apology and after I reveal what I reveal about her, I don’t want an apology because I’m not vain like that,” said Tamika. “I just need you to go somewhere to repent and ask God to forgive you and your husband.”

Latocha Scott x Tamika Scott

Source: Jordan S / Bravo

Tamika Scott Details A Threatening Anonymous Text, Enlists Tiny Harris’ Mother To Back Up Her Claims

The songstress then shared a screenshot of a threatening anonymous text that she believes was from her sister’s “trifling” husband Rocky Bivens who allegedly repeated some of the threats during an interview with Tasha K.

According to Tamika, the text is not only threatening her but also Tiny Harris and Kandi Burrus’ husband. It included a line that read, “there’s a video a [sic] Tod [Todd Tucker] sucking trans d***.”

It’s unclear what threat was directed at Harris but Scott said she “wouldn’t repeat it.”

The video also featured the Xscape singer maintaining that after Tiny Harris’ mother, Ms. Dianne Cottle-Pope signed the signing group up for a royalty check program called SoundExchange, her checks were being sent to her sister’s address, and her signature was forged alongside her brother-in-law’s name.

She also included a video of Ms. Dianne speaking on the royalty program to back up her claims. “The only reason you wouldn’t get your money back is because you would have to prosecute them,” said Ms. Dianne in Tamika Scott’s YouTube video.

Tamika Scott Shares Screenshots Of Her Sister’s Alleged Stealing, Believes LaTocha Is Threatening To Release Her Sextape

The Scott sister then showed screenshots reportedly from SoundExchange and highlighted areas where she says her sister’s address was listed instead of hers.

“So I’m not gonna do too much but I will clear my name,” said Scott.  “I will show you a few pieces of evidence that show how they went in and they changed my address to their address, how they changed my email. Everything that Ms. Dianne did was changed by my sister LaTocha Scott.”

She also alleged that her sister stole more than $30,000 but she was being “very nice” with that number. “It wasn’t one check it was multiple checks,” alleged Scott.



At one point she also alleged that her sister was trying to blackmail her with a sex tape that she gave to her for safekeeping.

According to the “Just Kickin’ It” singer, when she was in her 20s she recorded a sex tape and she let her big sister keep it and lock it away in her safe. Now the tape has mysteriously been stolen and Tamika believes her sister and her husband are threatening to release it.

“Now I’m about to be blackmailed by them if I don’t apologize,” said Scott.”They’re gonna put the tape out. You know what, you’re not gonna scare me.”
“You got my tape but you said you didn’t have my tape now all of a sudden you want to extort me and put the tape out? And you’re doing a gospel album?!”


Near the conclusion of the video, the defiant songstress made no qualms about her feelings.

“Like you said, we’re sisters but not by choice,” said Tamika. “Words are powerful and I’m starting to listen. I love you but what you won’t do is make me look like a liar.”

She also again urged her gospel songstress sister to repent and ask God for forgiveness.


So far LaTocha Scott and Rocky Bivens have yet to respond.

What do YOU think about Tamika Scott going into detail about the alleged $30K sister scandal?


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